How to find the Feng Shui "money corner" – and what to put in it to unlock your home's prosperity

According to Feng Shui principles, the money corner can help generate wealth, well-being and healthy finances for you and your family

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The Feng Shui money corner corresponds to a section or space in your home that, once identified, can help channel positive energies to bring prosperity and fortune to your life, according to Feng Shui principles. 

Sounds good right? But how do you find it? You'll need to use a Feng Shui map known as a bagua to help you uncover your home's money corner, and then work out what to do with it if you want to encourage good energy surrounding money. 

We asked our favorite living room Feng Shui experts to show us how it's done. 


What is the Feng Shui money corner?

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Before applying Feng Shui rules to your home, one thing to take note of is that this is essentially a belief system rather than a surefire way to improve your finances. 

The wealth corner, according to this ancient science, is that space in your home that can channel your focus and energy on increasing prosperity. To do this, practitioners use the Feng Shui map called the bagua, to help determine the energy in a given space.

'The area associated with money is the far left of the home from the front entrance door,' says Dana Claudat, a Feng Shui expert. 'But in my work, every area of the home impacts money, and all aspects of your life influence one another.'

Once you’ve located the wealth area, it's important to notice the state of that specific space. Is it cluttered? Is it collecting dust? This could correspond to your unwillingness to look after your finances regularly. This is why, you need to "activate" the corner. Here's how to do it. 

1. Place symbols of wealth

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'You can activate the wealth/abundance area of your home by adding symbols of prosperity as well as specific Feng Shui elements,' says Laura Morris, a Feng Shui educator and co-founder of Mindful Design Feng Shui School. 'These can be personal symbols of what wealth and abundance mean to you or you can use more traditional representations such as gold-colored items, embellishments, coins, etc.'

Gold elements apart, crystals too can be a great addition; plus they look luxe when placed at the entrance, office, or living room corner. Amethyst is another option as it resonates with the feeling of abundance. 

2. Add a wood or water element

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The five elements are essential to Feng Shui as these help invoke qi in the home. So, adding the water and wood elements in the wealth area can be supportive. 

'You can use both the wood and water elements to boost this area,' says Laura. 'For example adding a jade or Feng Shui plant, like the money plant is an easy way to bring in wood energy. You could place the plant in a black pot which is the color of the water element.'

Plants apart, you could even add a tiny fountain to the spot but make sure it is always clean. Dirty, stagnant water goes against the rules of Feng Shui. If placing real water elements is an issue, artworks with images of water would do.

3. Declutter and fix broken pieces

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Another crucial point to invoking qi is cleanliness and orderliness. For a good kitchen, living room, or bedroom Feng Shui, consider decluttering the space, to boost the energy in your home. Also, if the money corner holds items that are chipped, falling apart, or not working properly, those are the first things to get rid of. 

3 products to enhance the money corner in your home

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