Feng Shui experts say these 3 front door colors could invite good fortune into your home - is yours on the list?

If you want to bring some good juju to your doorstep, it might be time to get the paintbrushes out

black front door
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Your front door sets the tone for the rest of your home. It isn't just a point of entry and exit, it's the first impression people have of your space, and according to Feng Shui, it's a big deal when it comes to good fortune, too. That's because your front door provides an opportunity for positive energy flow, and the color of your door has an important role to play. 

Feng Shui is related to restoring harmony in your home, most commonly with regard to furniture placement, but it also has principles relating to other areas of interior design, such as color. 'Some paint colors have been deemed unlucky because they can disrupt the balance of energy, or qi, in a space,' says Victor Cheung, founder of Feng Shui Nexus. Whilst you might not believe in "lucky colors", there's no denying that we all want to create a welcoming entrance with a stylish front door shade that's easy on the eye. Thankfully the hues listed here are some of our favorites, so it doesn't hurt to follow along with it. 

Here, we take a look at the three luckiest colors for your front door, and if yours isn't on the list, perhaps you should consider getting the paint brushes out this fall to bring some good juju to your doorstep. 

1. Red

Steps leading up to a townhouse painted pink with a red front door

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Red is probably the most expected color on this list of lucky colors, due to its historical significance within Chinese culture. It's commonly considered a symbol of success and good fortune, intrinsically linked with important Chinese traditions such as weddings and the New Year. It's a powerful and stimulating color, and whilst it would be a mistake to cover your home in this shade, it's great when used in small doses, such as a front door color.

'Red symbolizes power, and prosperity and can shift energy quickly,' says feng shui expert, Olivia Kensington. Red is a transformative color that will protect and charge your home's energy, but just make sure you're prepared to inject such a bright hue at your threshold. 

There are also so many colors that go with red, making it an ideal font door color. Try subtle elements at first, like a doorknob, and use complimentary tones to lift it and make your front door more harmonized.

2. Green

A light pastel green front door

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'Lucky paint colors in Feng Shui vary depending on the specific area of your
home and your personal goals,' says Feng Shui expert Victor Cheung. 'For front doors, shades of green are associated with growth and prosperity.'

Green is also a naturally calming hue, making it an obvious choice for a front door. 'In Feng Shui, a green front door represents the wood element that welcomes life and well-being,' says expert Anjie Cho. 'It also brings in new energy and qi, helps you connect with nature and life, and encourages growth and success.'

There's something so revitalizing about green that also makes it the perfect shade to welcome you home after a long day. If red doesn't suit your personal style, green is the next best thing for luck. Pairing it with other greys or with lighter or darker green shades will look beautiful and well-considered, the perfect touch for some pretty porch decor

3. Black

black front door

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Black might seem like an unlikely choice for a lucky color. You might assume that it would be a shade devoid of good energy rather than one that promotes it, but according to Feng Shui, it's thought to balance all the energy entering your home. 'Black denotes wisdom, maturity, and healing,' says Olivia, three forces we should all want to welcome into our spaces. It also works particularly well with brick homes and the contrast looks effortlessly classy and timeless. 

Even if lucky paint isn't for you, take note of the best Feng Shui-approved front door colors for more inspiration. Remember the importance of a front door in the grand scheme of your home design and energy - it could have a bigger impact than you ever anticipated.

Our 3 favorite lucky front door colors

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