Designers Have Revealed the Most Controversial Kitchen Color That is Going to Rule The Trends in 2024...

....And it's black! Experts tell us how to dabble with the dark hue for maximum style, and even practicality

A kitchen with black cabinets and wooden island
(Image credit: Devlin Azzie. Design: Britt White Studio)

Are you ready to commit to a moody, black kitchen? Experts think it's time. Usually seen in high-end restaurants, this tone has never truly been thought of as a liveable, friendly, and practical color when it comes to homes. But a lot is changing when it comes to color perceptions and use, and experts take us on a journey on why black kitchens are a timeless choice.

A versatile neutral that can be dialed up or down depending on the look you want to achieve, this kitchen color can be easily applied to walls, cabinets, and appliances without making the space feel overwhelming. Here's all the inspiration you need for your future redesign or renovation.

A kitchen with dark black backsplash tiles and black cupboards

(Image credit: Ater Architects)

Let's be honest: going super dark in the heart of the home requires courage and a fair amount of thought. But nothing creates a stronger design statement than a black kitchen. The color adds drama (the good kind!) and sophistication. While white kitchen or even a gray kitchens have been around for a while, black ones seem to be rising in popularity.

'This trend is ideal for homeowners who are craving some dramatic impact or glam in their kitchen design; and for them, a black kitchen is a great choice,' says Laura Williams of ATX Interior Design. 'It's bold, it's beautiful, and can be timeless if done right. Plus, black never goes out of fad — and is lately a tone that's being preferred by designers for its longevity.'

'This is also a great color to use to create a three-dimensional canvas in your kitchen,' says Rustem Urazmetov, principal architect at UR Bureau. If your kitchen is essentially white, 'large strokes of black and subtle graphic elements can dilute the severity of the clinical white, monochrome background. It's a combination that will never go out of style.'

Another advantage of a black kitchen is that it hides stains and scratches well. Whether incorporated into the cabinets, backsplash, appliances, flooring, or lighting, this color helps camouflage oil spills and dust and makes a kitchen, especially busy ones, always look smart.

What should you keep in mind before choosing a black kitchen?

A kitchen with white upper cabinets and black lower cabinets

(Image credit: Gieves Anderson. Design: Frederick Tang Architecture)

'Before choosing a black kitchen or a dark finish, consider the overall room and space, and its dimensions,' advises Barbara Reyes, director of design, interiors, and branding at Frederick Tang Architecture. Usually, this color bodes well in mid-to-large-size kitchens that have plenty of light. A one wall kitchen or an open plan one too is a great place for an all-black or a black and white kitchen to take over. 'But in some instances, a small room with no access to natural light is a perfect excuse to embrace the darkness for a jewel box effect!' says Barbara.

To make a black kitchen work, you don't need to drench the space in that singular tone. 'Take this project, for instance, where the kitchen was part of an open plan (dining and living) with natural light coming via the living room,' says Barbara. 'We thought an all-black kitchen was not appropriate. Darker cabinets were strategically placed at the base, while uppers were fabricated in a creamy finish. For maximum impact, a custom backsplash/shelf in a pale copper made by Soraya Osorio, accents the handles, offering a touch of shine and warmth to the high contrast palette.'

What is the best way to design a black kitchen?

A kitchen with black lights

(Image credit: Marc Fowler from Metropolis Studio. Design: Henrietta Southam Design)

From dark walls to black kitchen countertops, there are several ways to layer in this tone. 'Do remember, with black cabinets, you want your hardware to pop,' says Laura. 'I would recommend using brass finishes throughout. Unlacquered would be gorgeous to patina over time. Otherwise, a satin brass would also be stunning. Also, larger-than-expected light fixtures in black are definitely trending right now. Choose the fixture in a matte black finish, although it would be stunning to have an earthy shade as well, like a concrete look or an earthy color palette.'

'It can go as far as 'all doors are black', creating a sleek, monolithic appearance,' says Kashi Shikunova, director at Yam Studios. 'If you're using black on the worktop and backsplash, you could contrast those with lighter doors, for those who prefer a more subtle look.'

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