5 Organization Brands That Should be on Your Radar (and the Best Products to Buy)

Professional organizers swear by these homeware brands for a more streamlined lifestyle

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It's still January, which means we are still in the mood for some new year organizing. These cold wintery days are the perfect opportunity to get your life in order and declutter your space if you want to get your 2024 off to a good start. 

Organizing your whole home is a serious undertaking, but finding the right products that marry style and function can be a huge help. Historically, storage solutions have not prioritized aesthetics, but now there's an abundant market full of innovative products to help you live your most beautifully organized life.

Here we've rustled up a list of the best organizational brands that are approved by professional organizers. You'll find everything from kitchen storage solutions to larger furniture pieces, all to help you add a bit of order to your home.

1. Joseph Joseph

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This is our go-to brand for innovative organization products, particularly when it comes to the kitchen storage. Joesph Joesph doesn't just produce your stereotypical glass storage jar or spice racks, everything is carefully designed with quality and functionality in mind. Their goal is to create revolutionary products, and that is exactly what they do. 

Each and every one of their products has innovation at its core, making simple everyday tasks better. Richard Joseph, CEO and Co-Founder of Joseph Joseph, shares the FridgeStore, CupboardStore, and DrawerStore, as their top-selling products.

Each product saves space and makes accessing items easier, he says. The DrawerStore is nothing short of revolutionary in my opinion. No more unordered drawers where piles of pots, pans, and lids fester. This simple mechanism makes everything appear ordered.

2. YouCopia

This brands comes recommended by professional organizer Di Ter Avest. 'In the kitchen, I love the innovative ideas from YouCopia,' she says. 'This year, they launched a few products that solve many of our organizational needs, such as the reusable bag organizer and grocery bag dispenser.'

As we all try to employ more sustainable living practices it is great to know this brand is also sustainable. 'Their products are made with recycled materials, which is also good for the environment,' says Di. My all-time favorite is the spice rack, I have had one of mine for the past 12 years.'

3. String Furniture

Bathroom shelving

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A well-organized home relies on some practical larger pieces of furniture that provide space for your organized belongings. A big struggle many people have with decluttering is knowing where to start and where to put things that don't have a desiccated home. 

Often the most beautiful pieces of furniture are the least practical, and it can be difficult to find solutions that marry practicality and style. Enter String Furniture, a Scandinavian brand that does just that.

Celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, String offers a unique selection of shelving units and Scandinavian design icons that have the power to transform any room. String has earned a place in design history thanks to its elegant simplicity and ingenious construction that can be put together in an infinite number of configurations. Its silhouette is uncomplicated and timeless yet totally contemporary and leans perfectly into the popular Scandi decor style.

'Modular shelves are ideal for any room size or type,' says Peter Erlandsson, Co-Founder of String Furniture. 'Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, home offices, and even wardrobes, maximize your space all over the house. In a small home, it’s great to be able to change the design once in a while. With the flexibility of modular shelving, you can achieve a completely new look whenever you like,' he explains. 

The simple design makes it the go-to brand for when you need more space, no matter what your aesthetic.

4. Sterlite

The key to finding the best organizational buys is prioritizing simplicity, according to professional organizer Ben Soreff from House to Home Organizing. 'Most organizing products simply don't work because they are not easy to use,' he says. 'If a storage solution is not easy you simply won't keep up with the habit.'

Along with a label maker, like this one from Amazon, Ben swears by large Sterlite bins. Their big plastic bins with lids are a staple in his client's projects which would be impossible without them. 

Storage can't always be aesthetic, sometimes practicality has to take priority. Under-bed storage or garage storage, for example, requires quality products, that are affordable, and that just do the job. For this, Sterlite is the brand to go to.

5. Yamazaki home 

A living room with symmetrical shelving

(Image credit: Heju Studio)

If you are looking for a thoughtful and considered design, look no further than Yamazaki Home. Japan is known as a powerhouse for functional design, and Yamazaki is proof of that. The brand produces products that encourage customers to live neatly and beautifully.

'We believe that even the smaller transformations throughout the home can help us stress less and live more joyfully,' their website states, and this is clear through their designs. If you want storage ideas for small spaces, this brand should be on your radar.

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