This one type of dining table may be bringing 'bad energy' to your home – here's what you should choose instead

We spoke with Feng Shui experts about how this specific material, when used for a table or desk, may be affecting the energy in your space

an apartment dining room with a glass table
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For those less familiar with the concept, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which uses energy flow (or qi) to create a harmonious environment. Choosing certain materials can affect the qi of the space. Equally the layout of your furniture or the natural light can have an impact on energy flow which, in turn, will have an impact on how you feel. 

When it comes to the best materials to use for good qi, glass can be a tricky one, especially when talking about tables or desks. If used in the right way, it can contribute to a peaceful environment for your dining room. On the flip side it can be less grounding. 

We asked Feng Shui experts to help us decode the symbolism of glass and tell us how best to use it so that we can reap all the right energy benefits.

Is a glass table bad for Feng Shui?

a glass table in an entryway

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Glass tables are not necessarily bad for Feng Shui, however it does depend on where they are placed and the overall energy of the space. ‘To guarantee positive energy flow, avoid crowded or congested areas when placing the glass table,’ tells us Sylvia Li, Interior Designer at Open Spaces Feng Shui. ‘Instead, choose a balanced location with sufficient space. Place grounding materials like stone or wood nearby to add stability,’ adds the designer.

Interior achitect and Feng Shui consultant Anjie Cho tells us that the dining table represents your friendships, how you nourish yourself, your abundance, and your prosperity. ‘If one is really trying to work on creating more support and stability in these areas, one might want to choose a different material, like a wood table, which is more stable and more generous than a glass table, which is often more austere, and has a sense of fragility,’ says Anjie. The idea is that you would want to choose materials and the symbology of the elements in your home to support the area you want to see improving. 

‘There are situations where a glass dining room table may not be ideal,’ tells us Sylvia. ‘If the dining area already has several reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, bright carpeting, or metallic accessories, adding a glass table can produce an excessive amount of reflection.’ To avoid a lack of balance, try using grounding elements in your space. ‘Glass tables in a dining room that lacks grounding components like natural textures, earthy colors, or sturdy furniture pieces could feel off-balance,’ warns the expert. 

What about a glass desk?

a glass top desk

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When it comes to our workspace, we need to have clarity, be able to focus and avoid distractions. Can a glass desk deliver the energy we need for our productivity?

‘Given that glass represents openness and clarity, it can be a good choice for a workspace, particularly in surroundings that foster creativity and intellectual stimulation,’ says Sylvia. However, the expert warns us that there is a flip side. ‘Glass workstations provide less privacy, lack grounding and solidity, and more conspicuously display clutter’. It looks like it’s not ideal unless the work surface can be kept very tidy to allow for that clarity of mind.  

So what should we do instead for good home office Feng Shui? ‘Wood and metals are alternative desk materials that offer stability. Wood is a great option since it stands for growth, harmony, and grounding energy. Metal workstations encourage concentration, effectiveness, and precision. Both elements give the workspace an overall sense of stability and steadiness,’ advises Sylvia. 

When deciding whether to opt for glass for your table or desk remember to keep in mind what energy you need from your space. If you choose to use the element of glass for its intellectual stimulation and clarity properties, make sure to keep the surface as tidy as possible. Otherwise, if it’s stability and grounding energy you’re after, then a different component such as wood or metal might be a better solution. 

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