This Sell-Out Collection Is Back… For Now

Last time the collection sold out in just three hours...

When Jackson & Levine’s ceramics collection hit Habitat stores earlier this year, the entire collection sold out in just 3 hours.

Now the limited edition collection is about to hit stores again – but be quick, as the ceramic collection has already gained a waiting list of 1,000 names in anticipation of the October launch.

The Francesca Side Plate, £12 each from Habitat

Becoming Habitat’s fastest selling ceramics collection ever, the limited-edition collection of handmade dinnerware and serveware flew off the shelves and proved incredibly popular with fans due to its strong use of colour and hand-painted figurative designs, drawing on this year’s popular line art trend.

Octavia Oval Platters, £15 each from Habitat

The ceramics are designed by supper club duo Laura Jackson and Alice Levine (of the eponymous London-based supper club, Jackson & Levine) who were inspired by Puglia’s brightly coloured ceramics during a visit in southern Italy.

Design duo and supper club founders, Laura Jackson and Alice Levine

The region is famed for its brightly glazed ceramics with vivid paint splatters and figurative motifs applied to hand-turned pottery.

To create Jackson & Levine’s collection, Habitat worked with a small workshop in the town of Grottaglie, owned by the Fasano family who agreed to work on the collaborative collection of serveware.

Octavia Oval Platters, £15 each, and the Serafina Utensil Pot, £20, all from Habitat

“We were lucky enough to work with the Fasano family on this collection – master ceramicists from the town of Grottaglie – and curate a range of hand glazed platters, serving bowls, jugs, utensil jars and pinch pots,” comment the design duo.

Margherita Oversized Red & Pink Jug (30cm), £45 from Habitat

“A ceramic utensil pot, for us, immediately conjures up the image of a traditional Italian kitchen so we felt we had to have one in the collection. Again to move away from ‘the expected’ we’ve used a bold, dipped colour in contrasting shades.”

Each jug is individually hand dipped in glaze and can be used for drinks or decorated with flowers.

Platters, serving bowls, crockery, jugs, utensil jars and pinch pots – the range is curated with a variety of shapes and sizes to add visual interest to your table and kitchen.

Octavia salad bowl, available from Habitat

The Francesca plates are arguably one of the most striking designs, featuring a feminine face illustration.

“We’ve re-imagined what the Fasano family is famed for; striking freehand figurative illustrations on ceramics. The result, an elegant Italian lady for the dinner plates and for the side plate a more classical, Romanesque design,” the duo comment on the Francesca plates.

Francesca Small Platter, £20, and Francesca Side Plate, £12, from Habitat

“The palette of green & pink and yellow & red adds a real point of difference and brings this tradition bang up to date. We played around with lots of faces and figures and we love the two characters that are the central motif of the collection”.

Visually, the collection couldn’t more different to their last. Jackson & Levine’s first collection was based around botanical, muted design, whereas this collection is unabashed about mixing colours – pinks with red, yellows with lilacs – with freehand artwork alongside beautiful splatter patterns.

All the products are hand made and hand glazed

But like the last, this collection is again about celebrating traditional craftsmanship.

The splatted paintwork is all hand applied and is mesmerising to watch. Using a traditional method, a small bunch of reeds is used to splash different glazes onto the bowl as it is turned by hand, building up colour and pattern in varying densities. Each piece is therefore completely unique.

These are both stand alone statement pieces but also work together for an explosion of Italianate colour and design on the table.

Buon Appetito!

Jackson & Levine for Habitat will be available from Habitat online and Habitat stores from October 2018, with prices starting from £8.00. Habitat customers will be notified via e-mail as soon as the collection becomes available – all we know is that it’ll be early October…

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