7 Lighting Ideas From A Top Interior Designer

Interior designer Becki Owens has just launched her debut lighting collection in the UK. Here she shares seven key lighting tips, and explains why she loves a classic lantern-style light.

We've been religiously following interior designer Becki Owens on social media for a while now, our feeds peppered with her serene, calm and curated projects.

Her chic-but-relaxed look, and her signature neutral palette with darker accents in blacks and blues has garnered her a following of 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Her projects masterfully incorporate striking tiling ideas...

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... seriously cool play spaces...

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... brilliant built-in bunk beds...

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... beautiful boot rooms, and she can even make a laundry room look stylish.

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But most of all we love her approach to lighting. Each project is flooded with natural daylight, with additional lighting coming from understated lantern-style pendants, and classic wall lights. Nothing shouty, just timeless and unobtrusive designs.

Her designs are now shoppable, as she's just launched a debut lighting collection for Hudson Valley Lighting (available at Andrew Martin), combining sophisticated modern design and Californian bohemian influences to create a series of simple glass pendant lights and wall lights.

'The lighting in this collection is open, airy and substantial. It reflects my love of fresh, modern, uncluttered spaces. All the lights in this collection offer sizes that make a beautiful statement in a room. I like lighting to be like eye candy in a space with a bit of wow factor. This collection definitely meets that criteria', Becki says.

So who better to come to for lighting tips? Becki Owens explains the rules when it comes to choosing lighting, when to start thinking about lighting, why she's drawn to lantern-style lighting, and what size chandelier to opt for if you're looking for a more statement piece.


Are there rules to consider when buying lighting? Is there a right or wrong way to do it or is every space different?

It’s very important to consider your ceiling heights. You don’t want your lighting to be hung too low. In general you want lighting to be 6ft off the floor, but consider your spaces for just the right height. Also, don’t be afraid to buy larger scale lighting to make a statement. For example, I love a large single pendant above a freestanding tub or two large pendant lights above a kitchen island, maybe even three depending on the size of your island. Also, sconces in a bathroom, framing a mirror create such a beautiful look. It’s a great way to update this space and make it special. If you don’t have room, a single sconce above a mirror works lovely too.


When designing a space, when do you start to think about lighting?

I think about lighting from the initial design phases. I love lighting and the way it makes an impact on a space so I make sure I have the room to incorporate it as a statement in a room.


How would you advise our readers to think about lighting and how it affects a space?

Think of lighting as a way to add personality to your spaces. Lighting is a great investment because it elevates a space and will set the tone for the entertaining and overall mood in your home. Make your lighting a statement and think of it as an essential and important part of your design, right from the start.


Is there a place people don't usually think to put a light that both looks great and makes sense from an interior décor perspective?

I love when lighting helps to create a special mood in a room. Consider adding lighting to unexpected places to highlight inconspicuous spaces in your home to create ambiance. For example, in a built-in, on top of a bookshelf, or on either side of a bookshelf. This type of lighting adds something special and interesting to the space. If you feel like the space could use something, it could probably use lighting!


Lighting comes in many forms. What's so pleasing and lasting about the lantern?

Lanterns are timeless. They’re shapes have evolved to include more modern styles with clean lines but they have always been versatile and classic. They work well in every style home from coastal to modern farmhouse and beyond.


If someone is unsure about what size chandelier to put in their space, is it better to lean larger or smaller? Why?

Go larger! I like statement lighting, and as long as it doesn’t overwhelm the space, I think you can always get away with a more substantial piece. Just be aware of head room when hanging a larger chandelier.


What's a recent development in lighting trends that excites you?

I like the unique woven pieces that have emerged. I also love lighting in gold, black, and white finishes! White light fixtures are nice when you mix them with gold or black accents. These three finishes work well mixed and matched together.

Woven rattan adds an element of texture and interest in a space. I love how it looks casual and a bit bohemian giving a room a relaxed, inviting appeal.

Adding jute or rattan really adds that “beachy” feeling that we love in California. You can mix beachy with modern to create inviting, fresh spaces, perfect for entertaining.

Lotte Brouwer

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