Inside The Wes Anderson-Inspired 'Pink Zebra'

With bold zebra stripes meeting asea of bubblegum pink, this Wes Anderson inspired restaurant is definitely a feast for the eyes.

Situated amidst a bustling landscape of old colonial buildings, the Feast India Company spanstwo equally psychedelic floors in one of the oldest buildings of Kanpur, India.

Dominated by its eye-catching colour palette,the two-story pink palace featuresa fine dining area on the main level and an outdoor terrace and second bar upstairs.

Dubbedthe 'Pink Zebra' by its creators,Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio, the 4,000-square-foot restaurant also features pink slats across the ceilings which allow lines of light to shine through to create a surrealist experience.

The design sprang from the architects’ love for Wes Anderson’s film sets and his love for quirkiness.

The Renesa Studio borrowed his signature symmetry and restricted colour palette and paired them with swooping arches and moulded panels that nod to the colonial history of the building.

On the main level, the restaurant’sretro concierge desk featuresdeco-esque lighting and a gilded bar – a clear nod to one of Anderson’s most celebrated films, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Upstairs, a second bar and a terrace are equally striking, with a continued surrealist theme.

Thanks to the partial coverage from tilted slats, any snippet of natural sunlight is immediately manipulated to mimic the striking stripes that grace the floors, walls, and light fixtures.

The stripes go every which way, punctuatingthe cotton candy-coloured walls with dramatic effect.

The result is a blissfully trippy interior that looks straight out ofa Wes Anderson movie set.