Pet Architecture: The 10 Chicest Pet Homes

If pets could speak, these are the homes they'd ask for...

Contemporary architecture and design needn't be reserved for human homes alone. In Pet-tecture: Design for Pets, the book explores the fascinating world of architecture and design for animals. It's the first ever book published on contemporary design for our furred, scaled and feathered friends, and it features a fun collection of over 200 stylish designs for pets of all shapes, sizes and species.

Designers venturing into the world of architecture for animals have been inspired by a multitude of different factors; whether it’s eco-friendly designs using repurposed materials, a desire to encourage human and animal interaction, or a nesting space for solitary bees in response to the current global bee decline.

Conceived and crafted by leading architects and designers, the collection of pet homes sheds light on works by designers and brands from across the globe. The designs include homes and play areas for regular pets like cats, dogs, fish, birds, rabbits, horses and rodents, but also homes for bees, sheep, chickens, bats and even kangaroos and turtles.

Here are ten of our favourites...


A secret lair for bats...


We can't think of a more stylish chicken coop for in the garden.


We love how this design encourages pets and owners to spend more time hanging out together.


Although we're not sure how enjoyable the space would be for the birds (we're sure they'd prefer more space to spread their wings!), we do love the structure itself and the way that the glass domed display is nestled neatly inside the table. Perhaps it would work for non-flying pets too.


This geometric shaped wood dog bed looks chic and super stylish, and looks more like an ornamental sculpture than a sleeping space for dogs. Love it.


Okay, we admit – we don't actually know anyone with pet hermit crabs. But we're sure that if we did, they'd be very impressed with this shelter design.


This hanging sleeping bed looks both modern and retro, and makes a striking display.


A cool update on the traditional fish bowl, this design looks more like a dome or a lamp.

(Image credit: Fred STOULS)


A climbing tree and cat bed that could house five.

10. TANK

This fish tank reminds us of one of those fish bags people used to win and fairgrounds. The glass is blown to appear like it's about to fall off the table.

Pet-tecture: Design for Pets by Tom Wainwright is published by Phaidon, £14.95 from

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