Colour Stories: The New Monochrome

Channel black and white with a playful background of polka dots in different scales for a fun, laid-back feel.

Stick to a single colour palette and combine a group of vases with similar DNA to stand out against a stark white backdrop.

Don’t be afraid to work a clash of monochrome patterns – use varying scales of shapes and designs teamed with a bold stripe of colour to ground the look.

Monochrome pattern makes the ideal backdrop for shapely accessories. Contrast decorative pieces against a wall to let them stand out for a super-cool combo.

Create a sense of height in a space with punked-up classic stripes.

Don’t overlook the staircase – a blocky mono design makes a seriously eye-catching feature.

Yes, monochrome does have a softer side! Add a subtle pattern in a simple scheme for a calming vibe in black and white.

A plain white bathroom scheme zings into life with a bold-patterned backdrop wallpapered into an alcove.

The mono palette can be restful and elegant if executed with a light touch. A zany mobile contrasts softly against a white backdrop.