While real flowers make this print burst into 3-D life, the iridescent wall tilesare a smart way to offset the dark wallpaper.

Florals printed on a dark background look thoroughly modern.

Add to the drama with a black bath suite.

Pull the scheme together with wild floral curtains.

Transport yourself to tropical climes with vibrant clashing jungle prints. Did we hear someone say G&T?

Or opt for a more English look with florals against a white background.

Unsure about wall-to-wall pattern in the main rooms of the house? Tip your toe in the trend with a cloakroom or stairwell.

Traditional feminine florals get a bold digital update. The subtle touches of black add edge to the serene scene.

Tie the look together with floral trims.

Seduce the senses with a heady mix of orchids and cherry blossom teamed with luxurious satins and silks.

Go for zoomed-in prints for a less chintzy look.

Photography / Simon Bevan

Styling / Sophie Brown