Decorating trend: Regimental Dress

Edgy accessories and hits of bling meet regimented lines and regal colours for a trad-with-a-twist mash-up that’s a real class act

With the flair of a soldier’s swinging epaulettes, this showily fringed wallpaper makes the perfect background to an alternative officer’s uniform.

WALL Papered in Fringe wallpaper, from £186sq m, Tracy Kendall. DETAILS Faceless Oscar mannequin, £45 to hire, Mannakin. Bearskin Guardsman hat, £650, Army Classics. Annees Folles Mordore F3106001 acrylic-mix, on upper body, £189.60m, Pierre Frey. Cocoon Ecume O7911001 acrylic-mix, on lower body, £259.20m; and Cocoon Zephyr O7911004 acrylic-mix, on arms, £259.20m, both Boussac at Pierre Frey. Oberon key tassel in Gold Leaf KT-57888-05, used as an earring, £80; Oberon braid in Antique Gold BT-57884-06, for the belt and shoulders, £85m; Oberon Bullion fringe in Antique Gold BU-57875-06, around the neck, £119m; and Harbour Crown knot frog in Lobster 975-56516-08, on the neck fringe, £35, all Samuel & Sons. Gold chains, hanging on chest, £21m; and Scroll gimp in Ruby Slippers 20891, hanging from shoulders, £2.95m, all VV Rouleaux.

Serve up a celebratory brew in a silver and gold teapot fit for a queen. Fancy macarons and dinky crowns add to the deliciousness.

WALL Papered in Fringe wallpaper, as before. FURNITURE Sofa – for details, see opposite. First Poltrona armchair in Ochre velvet, £2,529, Gallotti&Radice at Harrods. La Boheme 3 stool, £128, Kartell at Amara. DETAILS Tassel cushion in Ochre, £125, One Nine Eight Five at Heal’s. The Queen’s teapot, £150, Nick Munro. Gold rimmed plate, £30, Emma Alington. Coronation jewelled crown box, £65; and Coronet jewelled boxes, from £21.90 each, all India Jane. Macarons, from £19 for 10, L’Orchidee. Buckingham Palace souvenir spoons, £30 for four, Royal Collection Trust.

A plush, low-backed sofa in a seductive royal blue is just the spot for an intimate tête-à-tête – hits of gold rev up the glamour.

WALL Papered in Fringe wallpaper, as before. WINDOW Curtain, on the left, made in Epoque Ochre M504/03 cotton, £125m, Mark Alexander. Oberon double quilles tieback in Antique Gold TT-57885-06, £590, Samuel & Sons. Curtain, on the right, made in Oriel Antique White 7736/09 cotton/viscose-mix, £51.50m, Romo. FLOOR Bedgebury Classic planks, £106.93sq m, Ted Todd. Regalia rug, £3,349, Vivienne Westwood for The Rug Company. FURNITURE Bolton sofa, £3,799, London Essentials; upholstered in Birodo Indigo 332417 velvet, £82m, Zoffany at Style Library. Bespoke screen, £2,550, London Essentials; upholstered in Cupola Ochre 132233 viscose/cotton-mix, £50m, Harlequin at Style Library. Eighties Red swivel armchair, £8,500 for two, Talisman. First Poltrona armchair, as before. Paskalina stool, £410, Out There Interiors; upholstered in Corridor Nuit 0760-05 polyester, £149m, Lelièvre. Asola floor lamp, £821, Evangelos Vasileiou for Ligne Roset. DETAILS Thirties French Empire chandelier, around £5,400, Renaissance London. Bolster cushion upholstered in Corridor 0760-08 in Espelette polyester, £149m, Lelièvre. Tall metal basket, £69, Zara Home. Nomad tapestry, £132.38, Thread & Flow at Etsy. Alessi Port basket, £115, Aria. Sugar bowl top hat, £34, We Built This City. Tassel cushion, as before. Vintage military jacket, on the chair, £80, Rokit.

This directional cabinet hints at the treasure within. Gold mirrors nod to a captain’s polished-to-perfection buttons.

WALL Painted in Flame Red perfect matt emulsion, £44 for 2.5L, Designers Guild. WINDOW Curtain made in Kabuki Stripe in Madder 728-330 acrylic, price on request, Perrenials. FLOOR White vinyl flooring, £29sq m, The Colour Flooring Company. FURNITURE Alpaga fringe cabinet, £3,800, Ibride. 0414 armchair in Velvet Ochre, £1,072, Gallotti&Radice at Harrods. DETAILS Endora mirrors, from £57 each, all Sentou. On the cabinet: metal baskets, round, £25.99; and oval, £29.99, both Zara Home; Red, White and Blue candles, £1 for two, Flying Tiger Copenhagen; Sugar bowlers, £36 each, We Built This City; Eagle cake stand, £125, Audenza; macarons, as before; Coronet jewelled box, as before; and Metallic vase, £14, Next Home. In the cabinet: Sugar bowlers/Sugar bowl top hats, as before; Red linen napkins, £12.50 each, The Conran Shop; Fitzroy wine glasses, £26 for four, Next Home; Irisa votive, £6.90, India Jane; and Matt Gold cutlery, £26.50 for a four-piece set, Mink Interiors.

Decked out in a military-inspired stripe, these smart curtains add an upstanding air to campaign plans.

WALL Painted in Flame Red perfect matt emulsion, as before. WINDOWS Curtain made in Kabuki Stripe in Madder 728-330 acrylic, as before. FLOOR White vinyl flooring, as before. FURNITURE Parabola dining table, £3,298, Anthropologie. 0414 armchairs; and Alpaga fringe cabinet, both as before. DETAILS Endora mirrors; and metal baskets, all as before. Meshmatics chandelier, £2,484, Rick Tegelaar for Moooi. On the table, from left: Château macaron tower, from £240, Caffè Concerto; Abbracciaio candleholder, £163, Kartell at Aria; Blue candles; and Gold rimmed plate, all as before; Denby dinner plates in Imperial Blue, £16 each, Debenhams; Red napkins, as before; and Black crown bottle holder, £16, India Jane.

Find a quiet corner beneath a lavish gold leather panel, with a majestic celebratory dessert and topnotch claret.

WALL Delta Tesoro padded leatherwall wall covering, £1,645sq m, Elaine Yan Ling Ng/The Fabrick Lab at Studioart. FLOOR Luxe Collection Glamour shaggy rug in Indigo, from £79.99, Very. FURNITURE Angui bench, £640, Aytm at Aria. Pila side table, £195, Oliver Bonas. DETAILS V&A Star goblet, £9.90, India Jane. Chocolate Queen, from £45, Creighton’s Chocolaterie.

This commanding chair is a fitting post for an officer and a gentleman. A striking coat of arms ups the heraldic vibe.

WALL Papered in Hibiki wallpaper in Gold/Putty 11860, £116 a roll, Anthology. Croco New Rouge 5101/70 wall covering, £74.40m, Stark Carpet. Quilt #2, £1,600, Fault Lines at Yarn Collective. FLOOR Bedgebury Classic planks, as before. Transition hand-knotted rug in wool and silk, £7,500, Floor_Story. FURNITURE Gold octagon star side table, £160, Rockett St George. Liala armchair, £2,780, Porada. Babele shelving unit, £1,028, Ligne Roset. DETAILS Red boxes, £9.60 each, Retrouvius. On the mantel, from left: Twist vase, £64, BoConcept; Abbracciaio candleholder; Blue candles; Black crown bottle holders; and Endora mirror, all as before; Alessi Port tray, £115, Aria; and Crown ornament, £120, Rockett St George. Coat of Arms plaque, £165, Rockett St George. Riding boots, £100, Trent Park Equestrian Centre.

Sumptuous Medici red drapes and an imposing, jewel-bright desk are a suitable accompaniment to a future powerhouse.

WALL Papered in Hibiki wallpaper in Gold/Putty 11860, as before. WINDOW Curtains made in Medici F7100-21 cotton/polyester-mix, £99m, Osborne & Little. FLOOR Bedgebury Classic planks, as before. Reindeer hide rug, £179, Aria. FURNITURE Victor desk in Navy 230, £4,052, Roberto Lazzeroni at Lema. Bespoke Canal chair Stemma Nichetto, £1,860, Luca Nichetto at Moooi. Revolve floor lamp, £1,140, Bert Frank. DETAILS Shanghai vase, £211, Kartell at Aria. Vintage military jacket, in the vase, as before. On the desk, from left: Le Grand Espeigle mobile in Conran Blue, £284, The Conran Shop; King Ludwig bust, £606, Stevensons of Norwich; illustrated by Mr Doodle; Oberon double quilles tieback, as before; Lumio Book lamp, £210, The Conran Shop; Buckingham Palace Cream Minton egg, £95, Royal Collection Trust; Bloomingville vase, £49, Amara; and La Rosa fruit bowl, £106, Alessi at Aria.

While the bed rocks a riot of pattern, the styling is meticulously ordered. Decorative wall braiding takes its cue from a war hero’s tunic.

WALL Wooden slats painted in Flame Red perfect matt emulsion, as before. FURNITURE Store storage king-size bed, £895, Loaf. Bespoke Mitford king-size headboard, £2,095, Ensemblier London; upholstered in Chareau Indigo FDG2789/03 velvet, £69m, Designers Guild. Amadeus bedside drawers, £299, Atkin & Thyme. DETAILS Woodville table lamp in Brass, £972, Vaughan; with lampshade in Lynx Driftwood Z514/02 velvet, £130m, Zinc Textiles. Alfredo Green vase, £125, Georg Jensen at Heal’s. Windsor Castle glass tumbler, £12.95, Royal Collection Trust. Linen pillowcases in Workwear Blue, £35 each, The Conran Shop. Sigillo cushion, £225, Roberto Cavalli at Amara. Erica cushion in Aubergine, £140; Zig Zag cushion in Red Pepper and Pink Rose, £140; and Frida cushion in Pale Blue, £120, all Mink Interiors. Tassel cushion, as before. Bedspread, on the top, made in Regimen in Red Marines polyester trevira; and Regimen in Bleu Canard polyester trevira, both £186.50m, Dedar. Bedspread, in the middle, made in Namata in Silver/Black F3245001 viscose-mix, £172.80m, Pierre Frey. Bedspread, on the bottom, made in Tissus Berlin Damier Jaune BRLS81412203 polyester, £26.95m, Casadeco.

A stately marble washstand and fringed mirrors make the perfect spot to spruce up – quick smart!

WALL Painted in Oxford Blue mixing matt emulsion, £27.56 for 2.5L, Dulux. Gatsby tiles, £98.22 per tile, Fired Earth. FLOOR White vinyl flooring, as before. FURNITURE La Parisienne Double Nero washstand, £4,800; and Solheim three-hole basin taps with swan neck spouts, £1,340, all Catchpole & Rye. Nappa fringed mirrors, £60 each, Oliver Bonas. Clara chair, £595, Aura London. DETAILS Vintage military jacket, £125, Rokit. Vase, perfumes and room diffuser, stylist’s own. Red votive, behind the blue bottle, £6.90, India Jane. Regimen in Red Marines polyester trevira, reflected in the mirror, as before. Riding boots, as before.

Photography  ⁄  Jon Day

Styling  ⁄  Hannah Franklin

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