With the flair of a soldier’s swinging epaulettes,this showily fringed wallpaper makes theperfect background to an alternative officer’s uniform.

Serve up a celebratory brew in a silver and gold teapot fit for a queen. Fancy macarons and dinky crowns add to the deliciousness.

A plush, low-backed sofa in a seductive royal blue is just the spot for an intimate tête-à-tête – hits of gold rev up the glamour.

This directional cabinet hints at the treasure within. Gold mirrors nod to a captain’s polished-to-perfection buttons.

Decked out in a military-inspired stripe, these smart curtains add an upstanding air to campaign plans.

Find a quiet corner beneath a lavish gold leather panel, with a majestic celebratory dessert and topnotch claret.

This commanding chair is a fitting post for an officer and a gentleman. A striking coat of arms ups the heraldic vibe.

Sumptuous Medici red drapes and an imposing, jewel-bright desk are a suitable accompaniment to a future powerhouse.

While the bed rocks a riot of pattern, the styling is meticulously ordered. Decorative wall braiding takes its cue from a war hero’s tunic.

A stately marble washstand and fringed mirrors make the perfect spot to spruce up – quick smart!

Photography ⁄ Jon Day

Styling ⁄ Hannah Franklin

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