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Your quickest route to a cook space with style confidence? Start with complementary colour pairings. Let deVOL’s New York showroom be your design inspiration and mix glossy green metro tiles with flamingo-pink cabinetry for a look that dials up the domestic drama…

Classic English kitchen by deVOL. The kitchen in a custom pink starts from £25,000

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This red chair needs to take the lead, so paint the set white and surround it with strong supporting players each with a colour character of their own.

Paipai loveseat, £2,476, Lucidi Pevere at Ligne Roset Westend. Cushion in Echo in Bourgogne, £139.80m, Métaphores at Abbott + Boyd. Transparent speaker in White, £450, Transparent Sound at The Conran Shop. Muuto Halves side table, £299; Toulemonde Bochart Ettore rug, 200x 300cm, £1,512, both at Chaplins. Sign bedside table in high-gloss lacquer finish, £1,237, Studio Kairos at Lema. Divaar screen, £2,700, Kam Ce Kam at Monologue. Dipping large LED lamp, £1,052, Jordi Canudas for Marset at Aram. Large resin Modern Tribal platter, £240, Dinosaur Designs


Love all your pieces equally for their shapes as well as their shades. If the shapes work together – as they do here, with an assembly of low-slung pieces – the colours will fall into line.

Modular sofa, £6,880, Erik Rasmussen at Paustian. Stanford armchair, £5,153; Bellport pouffe, £3,905, both Jean-Marie Massaud at Poliform. Plain side table in Tobacco hide, £1,906, Antonio Citterio at Flexform. Bibendum chair, £3,727, Eileen Gray at Aram. Cushions in (from left) Echo in Automne, £139.80m, Métaphores at Abbott + Boyd. Matara Lucida in Ocean, £42m, Designers Guild. Caspian Weaves Madhu in Celeste, £79m, Sanderson. Okavango in 0501, £104.70m, Terre d’Aventure collection at Casamance. Matara Lucida in Crimson, £42m, Designers Guild. Echo in Bourgogne, £139.80m, Métaphores at Abbott + Boyd. Confiserie Triangle mosaic tiles in Blush (on mantlepiece), £79.88sq m, Claybrook. (On mantlepiece, from left) Calli Muses vase, £69; Ania Muses vase, £59, both Ferm Living at Amara. Sculptural vessel, £180, Noe Kuremoto at A New Tribe. Pampas grass, £10 for six stems, Rockett St George. Contour artwork, 1.1x 1.9m, £980, Formworks Studio. Water Optick rug, 160x230cm, £1,500, Kitty Joseph at Floor_Story. Serax tray with brass handles, £120; Serax Zig Zag tray, £105, both Studio Grint at Borough Kitchen. Swirl Dumbbell candleholder (on side table), £130, Tom Dixon. Hanging lamp No 3, £717, Muller Van Severen at Viaduct. Column in Bronzed Red intelligent matt emulsion, £50 for 2.5ltr, Little Greene


Get closer to the action with a table of vibrant small pieces that provide a change of scale and focus. These rounded objects pick up on the curves behind, but avoid repetition by telling their own separate story in shapes and colours.

Large Rock vase in Honeycomb, £240; round Skipping Stone vase in Melon Swirl, £85; Boulder pepper grinder in Pink Guava, £260; oval Skipping Stone vase in Forest, £90, all Dinosaur Designs. Circle vase in Dark Red, £40, &Klevering at Amara. AU_34 floor-standing plant light, £599, Massimo Cappella Studio. Contour artwork, 1.1x 1.9m, £980, Formworks Studio


Colours take sides here: in the blush corner, the pink-red of the pillar, chairs, stool and mirror. In the white corner, the kitchen, the walls, the table and rug. The accessories bring in new shades to heighten the tension.

Molten/Melting Pot table, £4,500, Dirk Vander Kooij at Mint Shop. Basil wood chair, £169, Calligaris. 0414 armchair in Ash Pink velvet, £1,643, Gallotti&Radice at Harrods. Cork stool, £960; Swirl vase, £550, both Tom Dixon. Large resin Modern Tribal platter, £240, Dinosaur Designs. Matégot bowl, £132, Mathieu Matégot for Gubi at Aram. Medium recycled bottle glasses, £21.95 for two, Graham and Green. Cactus juicer in White, £24, A New Tribe. Round velvet frame mirror in Ochre Gold, £69, Rockett St George. Quadric rug, 300x260cm, £1,409, René Barba at Ligne Roset Westend. Column in Bronzed Red intelligent matt emulsion, £50 for 2.5ltr, Little Greene


With a bleached-out backdrop, you’re free to stage a new drama every night. The white in the patterned pieces creates a link with the surrounding space, or try strong shapes in solid matt colours that attract light and attention.

Plissé electric kettle, £79, Michele de Lucchi at Alessi. Atollo 235 large table lamp in glass, £1,225, Vico Magistretti at The Conran Shop. Cutting board, £714 set of four, Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen at Viaduct. Fingers-crossed object, stylist’s own. Swirl multi candelabra, £325, Tom Dixon. Small resin River Stone vase in Lagoon, £77; Temple vase, from £170; Column vase, £110, all Dinosaur Designs. Similar glass banana, Devon Made Glass Fruit


Find a show-off piece – like this metal-lined bar – and use colour to take it centre stage. Here, the solid panel of fabric on the wall catches the eye and a glossy screen caresses the bar’s curves. The different shapes – flat and curved – work together to complement the bar.

Mary bar unit, £11,050, P Jouin at Porada. Rose Pink/Gold champagne coupes, £21.95 for two; Rose Pink/Gold water glasses, £32.50 for four; Clear glass tumblers with gold rim, £22.50 each, all Rockett St George. Gray screen in Deep Green, £1,164, &New. Resin Flow dessert bowl in Dark Turquoise, £75, Dinosaur Designs. Fabric on wall, Athénée in Ember, £95m, Parisienne collection at Zinc. Eliott stool, price on request, Liang & Eimil; covered in Sheepskin in Natural, £500m, Sheepskin collection at Zinc. Light Between rug, £1,320sq m, Deirdre Dyson


Every piece here adds an experimental graphic element, giving the scheme a post-modern vibe. The rug’s blue and green hues echo around the room from the large blue sculptural pieces to the delicate frame of the chair.

Zig Zag chair, £1,440, Gerrit Rietveld for Cassina at Aram. Rocking chair, £2,189, Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen for Valerie Objects at Viaduct. Sound Rack storage unit in Tangerine, £439, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba at Kartell. Pleat sculpture No 1, £3,650; Pleat sculpture No 2, £1,750, both Phil Cuttance. Abstract vase, £130, LRNCE; Totem candles, from £14 each, Grain at A New Tribe. Resin Flow dessert bowl in Dark Turquoise, £75, Dinosaur Designs. Orrizonti rug, 230x300cm, £4,099, Eligo Studio at Silvera


Why match everything when you can be bold and daring? Leaving space between patterns and colours avoids overloading the eye with too much detail, while the rich colours of the bed, table and artwork create focal points.

Group bed in Midnight Velvet, from £3,299, SCP at Heal’s. Giuliette acrylic bust table, £1,495, Jonathan Adler. Beetle seat (used as bedside table), £2,160, Imperfetto Lab at Silvera. All Over Fringe table lamp in Mustard Yellow, £120, Rockett St George. Geranium Optick rug, 160x230cm, £1,500, Kitty Joseph at Floor_Story. Column in Twirl 87001 wallpaper, £259lin m, Velveteen collection at Arte. Hanging lamp No 3, £717, Muller Van Severen at Viaduct. Composition No 7 artwork, 1.1m x 1.9m, £980, Formworks Studio. Fraser Stripe silk pillowcases, £110 each; Windsor silk double bedspread in Nude, £620, all Gingerlily. Kantha velvet quilted throw in Ochre, £210; (On bed, from left) Cushion in Echo in Automne, £139.80m, Métaphores at Abbott + Boyd. Alvore Squiggle cushion cover in Black/White, £65; Slub cushion cover in Ochre, £50, both The Conran Shop. Cushion in Okavango in 0501, £104.70m, Terre d’Aventure collection at Casamance. Tonal velvet cushion cover in Berry/Red, £45, The Conran Shop. Tassel cushion in Ochre, £125, One Nine Eight Five at Amara. Red and white throw in Rif, £110m, Anatolia collection at Nobilis.


Two colour dynamics are at play here. Primary shades connect the table to the plinth in the foreground, while the soft-brown hue of the chair connects with the patterned pillar. Keep palettes distinct to avoid blurring boundaries.

Eydo chaise longue, £6,217, Francesco Rota at Lema. Nangara Anangu wallpaper, £69.90 a roll, Casa Deco. Hanging lamp No 3, £717, Muller Van Severen at Viaduct. Net side table, £972, Benjamin Hubert at Silvera. Bellhop table lamp in Brick Red, £175, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby at Chaplins. Sunglasses, £135, Longchamp. Paint on platform, Middle Buff, £50 for 2.5ltr, Little Greene. Paintbox Berry tiles, from £30sq m, Mandarin Stone. Custom-made shelf, Barnaby Reynolds Design

Photography: Jake Curtis

Styling: Hannah Franklin

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