Give impressionist style a modern update with a brush-marked wallpaper – densely patterned fabric adds a splash of colour to the mix.

This kaleidoscopic print takes the stippled look to the ultimate extreme. Balance the effect with bold primary hues.

Inkblot images magnified to the max play with scale and form. Accessories in the same spectrum of shades ground the paint-splattered scheme.

Watercolours display a new intensity thanks to modern printing techniques – this funky fabric features multiple shades of the same blueish tone.

Apply Rothko-like bands as a backdrop to punchy painterly prints. Dashes of red, ochre and orange keep the colour wheel spinning…

Pollock-style wall coverings add an abstract element to decorating. Designer glassware follows in similar drip-painted fashion.

This multicoloured rug has the look of a latter-day Bridget Riley painting. Pick out the inky tone of the wallpaper in the table’s deep-blue base.

Splatter-paint prints come in all sizes – go large with a distressed-style wallpaper, while an intricate miniature pattern is used for upholstering the bed.

Furniture and fabrics daubed with vibrant colours have a primitive, Gauguin-like exoticism. Shakily painted ceramics get in on the act too.

Every review of contemporary art now pays respect to urban style - zhush up a bath with graffiti streaks to give the space street cred…

Photography ⁄ Paul Raeside

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