Sculptured glass and a spiky aloe look eerily intriguing against an abstract red-planet backdrop.

Jetsons-inspired shapes create a cool space-age vision...

that feels contemporary at the same time.

A huge spotlight arching over the dining table suggests a Douglas Adams spacelab vibe.

A disc painted on the wall, like a rising full moon, forms an ethereal backdrop to a porcelain collection, with shades chosen to complement the pieces.

This both raw and re ned aesthetic is exactly what NASA would create if it had a stand at the London Design Festival.

The textural wall takes the rough with the smooth,a combination that stimulates the senses with an out-of-this-world feel.

There’s weightlessness at play here, with ribbed-fabric walls creating a softly embracing textural space in which to sleep.

Photography / Jake Curtis

Styling / Hannah Franklin

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