Cool retro looks and a future-proof design...

Stockholm-based design brand Transparent Sound has launched its Small Transparent Speaker.

Resembling a retro cassette tape, and refined to the essential elements, the speaker is constructed by one single aluminium ‘uniframe’ and tempered glass panels.

Small Transparent Speaker, from £450, Transparent Sound.

The striking but simple design combines the brand’s core Scandinavian ethos of simplicity and functionalism, whilst also offering a cool retro look and incredible sound.

The Swedish audio brand aims to create audio products which are simple, functional and sustainable alternatives to the complicated technology currently available.

Small Transparent Speaker, from £450, Transparent Sound.

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It’s Transparent Sound’s belief that products and objects for the home should not feel outdated after just a year.

The Small Transparent Speaker is designed, to last forever. In our ‘throwaway’ age, with technology constantly evolving, the Swedish brand has created a sustainable ‘closed loop system’, which means new components and systems can be added as the latest wireless technology develops.

Small Transparent Speaker, from £450, Transparent Sound.

This way, owners can keep their product updated by their preference and change only a small part, instead of replacing the whole unit. Transparent Sound wants its products to get better with age, rather than become obsolete.

With an interior just as slick as the exterior, each component has been considered to make music the focus of the product and produce sublime sound quality. Small Transparent Speaker features 2 x 3” L/R Drivers, and a Class D built-in amplifier with a 2 x 15W output power. It also offers High Quality Signal Processing.

Small Transparent Speaker, from £450, Transparent Sound.

Small Transparent Speaker comes with Bluetooth, as well as True Wireless Pairing which means you can play two speakers at the same time. A compartment in the bottom of the speaker is what holds and powers wireless up- grades. At present, Small Transparent Speaker is recommended to be used with Amazon Alexa’s Echo Input for multi-room music over WiFi. It can also be part of an existing Sonos set-up, using Sonos Connect or AMP hub.

Small Transparent Speaker can be displayed either on a table-top or wall mounted, using the brackets included.

Small Transparent Speaker, from £450, Transparent Sound.

Small Transparent Speaker is available at, from £450, as well as The Conran Shop or Mr Porter.

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