15 of the Most Stylish Sunglass Organizers That Will Take Your Closet Storage to the Next Level

When it comes to looking cool, you can never have too many pairs — until you have to store them, that is. These sunglass organizers are your chicest frame-saving solutions

sunglasses organized in a drawer
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Most Organized is a monthly series in which one of our style editors or a friend of Livingetc tackles the secret storage solutions that’ll transform your space into a style haven.

You can never have enough sunglasses. At least, that’s my philosophy, which probably explains why they’re scattered all over my apartment — on random tables, in drawers, and who knows where else. The whole sun protection thing is mostly beside the point — they’re one of my favorite accessories, the finishing touch to an outfit, and an instant aura booster. I relish the delightful anonymity they bring. Am I a celebrity? You’ll never know.

I could streamline my collection or stop buying them altogether. But that's preposterous! The real solution? Sunglass organizers. Clever ones. Organizers that utilize vertical storage and maximize your space, whether they're a closet organizer in a huge walk-in space, or a drawer in your tiny apartment's bedroom. With summer officially here and my sunglass spending habits itching to make their seasonal debut, I did the adult thing and consulted the experts.

Enter professional organizer Laura Price, who says sunglass organization ‘is about making your life easier. As with anything you wear, it’s key to have clothing and accessories displayed in a way that makes them easy to see and therefore easy to choose.’ Plus, ‘Proper sunglasses organization can also prevent damage like scratches or bending, which is likely to happen if they’re thrown loose into a drawer.’ Finding the right frames for your face is already hard enough — nothing is worth losing that Cinderella fit. Best to play it safe.

Whether you hoard sunglasses like me or stick to a few favorite pairs, sunglasses are precious, so we must treat them accordingly. I talked to several experts about all things sunglass organization, pored over hundreds of listings, and read countless reviews to compile this edit. Presenting you now with the most beautiful, intelligent organizers around: This is the Miss America of sunglass organizers, and these are my 15 illustriously shady contestants.

15 Chic Sunglass Organizers

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