Pottery Barn Vases for Every Room of the House — 'They're for So Much More Than Flowers!'

Florals are a given, but Pottery Barn vases can do so much more. Equal parts art and decor, see why we're finding excuses to display them anywhere we can

best Pottery Barn vases
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In my household, the more vases, the better. Growing up, my family would acquire new ones at the turn of each season, adding an element of novelty to shift the mood. But among these acquisitions were treasures — some vases were heirlooms passed down from my great-grandmother. The lesson here is that while there’s a lot of fun to be had with vases, they also possess timeless beauty. Case in point: Pottery Barn vases, proving that these vessels serve purposes far beyond just flowers.

Of course, florals are highly important — cut blooms need to go somewhere! But good vases (like the ones in the ongoing Pottery Barn sale) can hold their own — serving as standalone art pieces gracing mantels and end tables alike. ‘Vases, with or without flowers, are such a great accent to any space,’ says Alex Bass, Founder, Interior Designer, and Art Curator at Salon 21. ‘I have one in my entryway, on my kitchen table, coffee table, side table, and a variety of other places throughout my apartment. Some have dried flowers constantly, and some sit empty until I get fresh flowers, but they look great nonetheless.’

Not all vases are up to the task of looking great with nothing at all, but like Marilyn, Pottery Barn vases can rock Chanel No. 5. With that, introducing you now to your most versatile home accessory yet. Who knows, perhaps your vase will become your next family heirloom (your great-grandchild thanks you in advance).

Best Pottery Barn Vases

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How should I style my Pottery Barn vase?

‘When grouped together, small vases can make a big impact,’ explains interior designer Darlene Molnar. ‘A mantle covered in small vases, for example, becomes a unique focal point,’ she suggests, adding, ‘The key to a successful look with a minimalist accessory is to use it like a maximalist’ — wise words indeed.

So, how does one approach vase styling like a maximalist? According to Alex Bass, the trick is to vary their heights — it adds an unconventional touch to your display. ‘You don't need a vase to necessarily ”match” your decor. It's an accent. I always make sure to have a few different heights of vases on hand depending on the flowers I want to display,’ she explains.

Looking for the perfect spot to showcase your vases? Consider our selection of Pottery Barn end tables or Pottery Barn dining tables — because vases have multiple soulmates.

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