I'm Calling It — The Best Hosts Will All Have One of These 9 Outdoor Kitchen Carts This Summer

These carts extend the functionality of outdoor spaces and offer the flexibility of prepping, storage, and entertaining, all outside

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No need to keep ducking in and out of the house — an outdoor kitchen cart makes entertaining outside super convenient. This tiny unit on wheels is the perfect complement to the outdoor kitchen. It ensures that all your drinks and snacks are within arm's reach, and ferrying food, drinks, and cutlery between indoors and outdoors isn't an Herculean task. Plus, these double as the perfect storage units, and can be placed anywhere around the home.

Sometimes known as bar carts or utility carts, these portable units on wheels can conveniently be part of an outdoor setup, and in smaller spaces, even double as a kitchen countertop. In fact, these are perfect for when you do not want to commit to a permanent outdoor countertop or storage unit. They are lightweight, easy to dismantle and transport, and can be used in any new home you move to. Plus, they're less expensive alternatives for permanent grill stations. Outdoor carts are available in several designs to match the outdoor aesthetic and colors, and many brands actually sell full, portable kitchen islands or modular kits so you get that extra space for storage and use.

Keeping all these qualities in mind, I too decided to look for the perfect cart for my outdoor kitchen.

I sought the help of industry experts who guided me on the best designs and even brands to look out for, and I did scout several online retailers too, to find ones that suited every need. 'Along with finding the best designs, do also take a moment to assess the available space in your outdoors to ensure the cart fits effectively and serves its purpose efficiently,' says Kashi Shikunova, director at Yam Studios.

Here are my top 9 cart suggestions. Each one represents high quality, modern design, and ease of use. Get ready to add this cart...to your cart!

Best Outdoor Kitchen Carts

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What are the benefits of outdoor kitchen carts?

Outdoor kitchen carts offer flexibility, ease of use, convenience, and also a dollop of style to the outdoors. These create a connection between the indoors and outdoors and allow products, gadgets, food, utensils, bags, cutlery, and more to be moved from one place to the other. Plus, these, when not in use can be placed in the garden area to store plant pots or other garden amenities. Or, used indoors to store china, glassware, and more.

What are the ideal materials for outdoor kitchen carts?

By choosing weather-resistant materials, you can ensure your cart does not rust, fade, or crack. Consider stainless steel (though keep it away from the sun, as it may turn too hot), aluminium, resin, sealed wood, or wicker. These finishes also look smart and are timeless. That said, it's always a good idea to cover your outdoor furniture when not in use. This will ensure their longevity and pristine look. While you could get a polyester cover for your cart, if not, consider wheeling it inside when the BBQ is not in use.

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