Murals Wallpaper‘s Ocean Collection

That sound of gentle lapping waves, the smell of salty air, the warm breeze rippling through your hair and the sight of the sea expanding as far as the eye can see beyond the horizon; who doesn’t wish that they could be by the sea every single day of the year? Although we might not be *quite* ready to up sticks and live on a boat, if you'vealways dreamed of a sea view thenMurals Wallpaper'sOcean wallpapers will bring those breathtaking ocean views to you.

The range ofatmospheric and super-high-definitionphotographic murals, from £25 per sq m, look so real that when you first see them, you'll want to reach out and touch the waves – or jumpback toavoid the splashes!Wallpapers and wall murals are a fun and creative way to style a room, but these look so real it'll leave your house guests marvelling for hours.

The ocean is both overwhelming and calming, and these stunning wall murals will add both a sense of tranquility and drama to your interiors. You can almost hear the water slosh and waves lap,with swirling pools of bubbles drowning out all other sound beneath the sea's surface.

Plus, the cool blue and turquoise hues make this sea wallpaper a very versatile choice as it can be easily matched with a number of styles and colour palettes. From stormy ultramarine seas to calm turquoise waters, the intensely hued pieces will make a standout feature in any area of thehome and work particularly well in a bathroom.

Team with light or white furnishings for a truly nautical theme, mix with natural materials like rope, jute and rattan for a Boho feel, or incorporate it into a modern Scandi theme.

All products are made-to-order and custom sized accordingto requirements.

You'll be dreaming you were on an island somewhere, looking out into the clear blue seas, watching the waves and feeling a cool breeze. Are you daydreaming yet?

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