This is the Most Popular Couch Color People Actually Bought Last Year — Can You Guess What It is?

You may or may not be surprised to find out this sofa color was the best-selling in 2023

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The color you choose for your new sofa is a big decision, as it's the main character of many living rooms. Right now, interior design trends are a little bolder and braver, and we're seeing lots of bright, colorful couches at the center of modern decorating schemes, but how much does that translate into the everyday home?

Well, as it turns out, the most popular couch color that people bought last year wasn't a big player on our list of trends for 2023 — rather, it was a safer, stalwart of a sofa shade.

Yes, the color couch that Livingetc readers bought most of last year is none other than... grey. Is it because this shade is a faithful fallback for those who are less confident picking a bold sofa color? Or is this neutral set to have a trend revival in 2024? Take a look at this edit of the best grey sofas you shopped most this year and make up your own mind.

The Best-Selling Grey Couches

The Best of the Rest

Grey couch living rooms weren't the only thing Livingetc readers were investing in this year, and we also spotted some of the big trends cropping up in the most bought sofas of the year. Here are the best-selling non-grey couches you bought.

Are grey sofas still in style?

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Perhaps more than grey-painted walls which have fallen out of favor to a degree, grey couches have stayed popular, especially in lighter tones. They work best when the sofa isn't meant to be your room's focal point as they better background players than they are main characters.

However, the benefits of a grey sofa are clear. They work living room scheme after living room scheme, meaning that if you invest in a good one, you can keep it for a long time. They're also easy to dress up to match the latest design trends, especially if you choose the right pillows for a grey couch, or use blankets to add different colors or textures.

Grey couches might not the most exciting choice to make, but if you're not ready for a big, bold investment for your living room's main piece of furniture, it remains a great, practical choice.

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