Where can I find extra large planters for trees? Plus, how to decide on the right size to buy

Listen up for where find the perfect planters and expert tips on what to look out for

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It turns out that finding the perfect planter is more difficult than you might think. Think of it like finding the perfect partner - it takes time, and there is a list of requirements. And when it comes to a planter, sometimes size does matter. 

After all, extra-large oversized planters are a feature of many modern garden trends. It's not surprising you want to dot them all around your yard. 'A beautifully designed planter can enhance the overall visual appeal of your tree and create a harmonious outdoor space,' says Lina Cowley, expert gardener from Trimmed Roots. They add a certain polish and Mediterranean charm that you don't get with your average tree planting. We love the texture and interest it can add simply and quickly to your garden.

Although it's not just for aesthetics, planting in pots also gives you the versatility to switch up the look of your garden. Planters can be moved around and added to more easily than anything planted in the ground. They are also easier to care for in some ways, perfect for gardeners looking for a low-maintenance garden. 

Where to buy extra large planters

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How do I choose the right size planter?

There are three main considerations to make before buying a planter; growth potential, root systems, and weight.

'It's essential to research and understand your tree's growth habits,'  says Lina. In order to promote healthy root development you must have an awareness of how big your plant grows to get an adequately sized planter.

'Understanding the specific root system of your tree will guide you in choosing a planter with adequate depth and width,' she explains . It is important to know which way the roots grow as it may change your initial choice of planter.

Lastly, 'you should also think about the overall weight and stability of the planter' she says. 'As your tree grows, it will become top-heavy, especially if it is a larger species. A planter that is too small or lightweight may tip over or become unbalanced, jeopardizing the tree's well-being.'

Whilst you may be initially drawn to a planter based on look alone, we would urge you to reconsider. Take these points into account when deciding which size planter is right for you and your tree.

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