12 Entryway Rugs with Inviting Charm and Style — a Shopping Editor Shares Her Faves

Your entryway is a window to the rest of your house. Set it up for success with a chic area or runner rug meant for coming and going

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Your entryway rug is one of the first things guests see when they walk into the house — so shouldn't it be chic? Bonus points if it's also made to handle wear and tear (did someone say "washable"?) Your pets, kids, and friends will be walking all over this thing; it's important it's built to last ... but also looks good.

Luckily, you've come to me, a style editor, who knows where to shop for all the best rugs. I spend my afternoons hunting for quality deals and quality pieces, which then become editorial selections informed by my personal taste, conversations with design experts, and a whole lot of research and review-reading.

Below, I've highlighted 12 superb entryway rug options of both the area and runner variety — all of which were selected with quality (but most importantly style) in mind.

Entryway Runners

Entryway Area Rugs

Which type of rug is best for an entryway?

'Low-pile rugs are easier to clean and maintain, and they handle heavy foot traffic better than high-pile rugs,' says Carolyn Cerminara-Kelly, founder and principal designer at Cerminara Design, regarding entryway rug selection. 'In terms of style, look for durable materials like wool or synthetic fibers that can withstand wear and tear.'

In terms of size, most entryway rugs are either a large area rug or a runner. 'One of the best types of rug for an entryway is a runner that is low pile, made from polypropylene. and attached to the floor with rug grips,' adds Sara McDaniel, designer and renovation expert at Simply Southern Cottage. 'Typically, a 2 x 8 runner is adequate to fill the space while serving as a texturizer against the flooring surface.'

If you're going the area rug route, however, your pick 'should be large enough to cover the space without overwhelming it,' and 'wide enough to cover the width of the door and extend about 3-4 feet inside,' Carolyn continues. 'This allows ample space for wiping shoes and provides a welcoming entrance.'

Should your entryway rug match your living room rug?

Decorating a house means decorating a lot of rooms. How do you know which should match and which shouldn't? At least in the realm of rugs, you can relax knowing a bit of variety and mismatch is a good thing.

Matching entryway and living room rugs "feels contrived and predictable," Carolyn says. "You want to add your personality and let every room have its own identity while still cohesively working together. Your entryway should be a prelude to the rest of your home, offering a glimpse of what’s to come but with its own unique charm."

Sara agrees: "Depending on how close your entryway is to your living, it’s best to try to color coordinate but the rugs do not have to match. In fact, I strongly discourage decor that is too matchy matchy."

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