Designer: Antonio Citterio, 2005

Details:Happy chaise longue, approx £4,380, Flexform

Channelling modern Made in Italy sophistication, the Happy chaise longue has a low metal frame with leather laces stretched across in a loose weave. It's a perfetto example of the kind of fine Italian craftsmanship we know to expect from the enduring 40-year design partnership between Flexform and Citterio.

The cushions are filled with goose down and upholstered in a choice of first-class fabrics, from leather and linen to cashmere and velvet, plus there’s a bolster cushion that’s there to be positioned at whim. An added bonus is that the fabric and leather upholstery are removable covers – ideal for swapping, changing and washing.

Details: Happy chaise longue, approx £4,380, Flexform

Antonio ‘gentleman of design’ Citterio started his design office in 1972, aged just 22, and his degree in architecture is clear in his smooth translation of Flexform’s commitment to clean lines and classic silhouettes.

When designing the stylish 'Happy' chaise longue for Flexform in 2005, he used a metal insert to stabilise the down-filled bolster cushion, replacing the need for a fixed armrest. This created the contemporary and sleek silhouette which is widely recognised today.

Wherever the 'Happy' chaise longue is positioned – Tuscan villa, Florentine appartamento or back home in Blighty – we declare it our happy place. Bellissima!

Photography: John Day

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