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Could storage get any hotter right now?

2019 was the year that the Kondo effect really took a hold. After the success of Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, which came out in 2014, the Japanese cleaning consultant followed up this year with her Netflix show, Tidying with Marie Kondo plus a global franchise of clutter consultants – which had even more of us stripping our homes of anything that ‘doesn’t spark joy’ and sorting out our stuff.

We’re ‘stuffocated’ and Kondo has clearly struck a chord.

It’s not just about storing stuff or giving it away either, it’s about enjoying the things we do own, which means displaying them where we can actually see them. And as any self-respecting instgramma knows, right now it’s all about the shelfie – beautifully organised, colour coordinated and curated shelf displays that are shared with followers – for max interior inspiration.

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So now’s the time to invest in stylish storage solutions and what’s better than modular storage that not only looks great, you can take it with you when you move, or rehouse in another room if you fancy updating your space?

Our edit includes beautiful bookcases that can be placed on the floor and wall-hung shelving units that can be added to if your collections expand or your requirements change.

String’s pocket shelving is a younger sibling to the Scandinavian design classic, made up of components that allow you to build your own shelving system. But there are many new contenders in this vein too, as you will see ahead.

From Hay’s Order shelving and Bo Concept’s Como, which enable you to switch up the shelf sizes to the Musa shelving for Mogg and the Bend for Montana, which look fabulous before a favourite vase or beautiful book is even placed on them, there’s much to suit your space.

So read on and find storage that sparks joy.

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