Nice Threads: 8 of the best Flatweave Rugs and Kilims

Put on a floor show with bold colours and Persian-inspired patterns...

Whichever room you’re designing, the addition of a flatweave rug or kilim will instantly achieve a relaxed living feel.

Despite being around for thousands of years, these tapestry woven rugs, that originated in the former Persian and Ottoman empires, are still somehow associated with the hippy trails and counter culture of the 60s and 70s.

A exotic antidote to the formality of the time, and a flavour of new horizons, these colourful kilims still evoke a boho vibe, that’s totally in tune with the current seventies revival for rattan and macrame.

This relaxed feel is also down to the fact that these rugs are woven with a tapestry weave, so there is no thick pile to sink into, the surfaces are flat, suited to warm climes and the nomadic lifestyles of their originators.

There is often a slightly blurred design image and the warp and weft is finished with fringing, which appeals to those who like the informality and non-uniform approach.

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Those in our edit include original vintage numbers sourced in Morocco and Iran, from Yonder Living and Lilla Rugs, for a totally unique and distinctive style.

Others are current pieces designed and made in the style of a traditional kilim, yet with patterns and colours that appeal to contemporary tastes and which would work in modern homes.

From the gently coloured Chimara at Heal’s and the subtly patterned Wyatt at Urban Outfitters to the bold Sparkly at Raj Tent Club and the colourful Karim, made from recycled cotton at Graham and Green, or the more muted Attaleia from Oka and the Poppy from French Connection Home, there is something to suit most modern styles.

Bring in some cane or rattan furniture and a cheese plant to complete the look, but go easy, you could be burning joss sticks and donning a kaftan before you can say, hey man…

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