Designers Say This Classic Style is Poised to Make a Big Comeback in 2024 — And We Have All the Tips on How to Style it

We spoke with Rayman Boozer from Apartment 48 about his predictions for the new year, which include a surge in popularity for a certain well-known design style

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It's the circle of life — everything that becomes cool eventually becomes drab, only to become once again cool after enough time passes. It's happening all around us as we speak; if you haven't yet noticed the resurgence in early 2000s fashion trends, you certainly will now.

Unsurprisingly, that same trend pattern applies to furniture and decor, as well. If you wait long enough, the trends and styles we loved years and years ago at some of the best home decor websites will find themselves in the zeitgeist again. At Livingetc, we of course love to predict such changes so that you're ahead of the curve — and we have quite the expert prediction to share with you today.

The big trend resurgence of 2024

According to Rayman Boozer, a renowned interior designer, AD100 honoree, and the brainchild of New York design firm Apartment 48, a resurgence of mid-century modern is poised to sweep houses and homes come 2024. Perhaps one of the most enduring and well-known design styles of all time, mid-century modern is characterized by clean lines, wooden materials like teak and oak, and simplicity. Curved edges combined with bold accent colors, or wood mixed with materials like metal or glass, are also quite common.

At the time (i.e. the middle of the 20th century), families wanted functional, basic furniture that allowed them to curate a more natural, organic vibe at home. Thus, MCM was born. A great, timeless example of this is the Eames Lounge Chair, designed by mid-century designers Charles and Ray Eames in 1956. Chances are you know its iconic silhouette, characterized by soft, worn leather mixed with an outer layer of wood, even if you don't recognize the name.

'Mid-century modern design's enduring charm can be attributed to its emphasis on form meeting function,' Rayman told me. 'The emphasis on clean lines, organic shapes, and the use of quality materials creates pieces that stand the test of time both aesthetically and functionally." Additionally, "the style's adaptability allows it to seamlessly integrate with evolving design trends, ensuring its relevance in ever-changing interior landscapes.'

As for why we should expect a big comeback in 2024, the style's "recognizability, coupled with a desire for timeless yet contemporary interiors," positions it perfectly for a resurgence next year, Rayman said. 

For anyone looking to experiment with a bit of mid-century modern decor, Rayman suggests you start by 'incorporating key signature pieces such a modular sofa' (this Mario Bellini couch is one of his favorites at the moment!). 'When buying, focus on quality craftsmanship and authentic materials,' and, 'to keep the design fresh, avoid exclusively using mid-century pieces.' Instead, mix and match with some more contemporary 'elements for a balanced and eclectic look.' Throw in some 'colors, patterns, and textures' using throw pillows and rugs, and boom, you're good to go.

Ready to try it out? I've put together a gorgeous mid-century modern-inspired shopping edit below to start you off. Just don't forget Rayman's advice — you'll want to add in some more modern pieces, as well, to complete the room. These are just great starter bits around which to build that scene.

Your mid-century modern shopping edit for 2024

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