This $20 wireless sconce from Amazon is the best lighting solution for my small bedroom, and it's perfect for renters too

If you're looking for a wall light but don't want to go through the effort of rewiring, this sconce is for you

A small bedroom painted dark blue with a gold wall sconce above a wooden nightstand
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A small bedroom might make a cozy sleep sanctuary, but fitting everything you need inside can feel near-impossible. My recent house move saw me join the under-500-square-foot club, and the bedroom fits little more than a bed and closet. Of course, I've been on a hunt to find as many space-saving solutions as possible which includes a little floating nightstand, but alas, this ended up limiting the space available for a bedside lamp. 

There are many sacrifices I'm willing to make in my tiny home, but a bedside lamp wasn't one of them. Sconces were the obvious solution, but rewiring was not. While I've finally left renter life behind, I wasn't prepared to undergo any costly electrical changes yet. For some time I used my enormous oversized table lamp that took up the entire nightstand, but I've now found the perfect wireless wall-mounted light to help me maximize space, and it costs less than $20. 

So many of us are living in tiny apartments and studios or simply limited to a small bedroom, but this sconce allows you to win back tabletop space anywhere in the home. For anyone looking for a space-saving wall light who doesn't want to go through the effort of rewiring, this light is for you. And if you're a renter who just wants to elevate their lighting game, you'll be pleased to know there's no screwing or drilling necessary, either! Here's why I think this viral Amazon buy has a place in anyone's home. 

Wall sconces have come a long way in recent years. There are a host of battery-powered options out there that require no rewiring at all, but they do still tend to necessitate drilling into walls in order to support the weight of the light itself. Well, as long as you're not after a heavy brass wall light, I've found a lightweight option that's entirely adhesive and easy to put up absolutely anywhere in your home.

With a wooden base and a frosted plexiglass shade, this super slim, contemporary-looking sconce light will look right at home whatever your style. The cylindrical shape is supported by the circular magnet base that fixes to your wall with a 3M adhesive meaning it's totally safe for renters to use (just ensure the glue pad is stuck to a smooth surface to avoid it falling off).

The light itself has a motion sensor mode so it only comes on when you need it to but of course, it also has a switch tucked near the panel if you want to turn it permanently on, too. Don't let the rechargeable feature put you off, either. After fully charged, the wall sconce can last up to eight hours in constant light mode and three to five months on automatic sensor mode, so you won't have to spend hours recharging the device daily.

If that wasn't enough, the beauty of the magnet panel is that this sconce also has a detachable design. You can simply take it off from the base and attach it to any metal surface, or use the portable wood stick as a nightlight or flashlight in case of emergencies (ideal for those midnight trips to the bathroom or 3AM checks on little ones). 

There's no reason why you couldn't use these stick-on sconces anywhere in your home (flanking a bathroom mirror, for example, or as motion-sensed stairway lights), but the warm 2700K-3000K bulb emits a soft glow that just seems so perfectly suited to the bedroom. As a bedtime reader, it's the best solution I've found to maximize the surface of my nightstand while still allowing for a bedside lamp, but it also makes a nifty automatic light within your closet if you fancy a hint of luxury. 

If you're looking to flank your bed with matching sconces, this genius wall light is also available as a set of two which also has the option of black walnut wood as well as white ash. It's by far the best way to elevate your bedroom lighting game with no wiring, drilling, or screws required - and all for the sweet sum of $20! 

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