This Clever Bar Addition Will Keep Your Drinks Colder for Longer Without Watering Them Down

Bid adieu to diluted drinks and warm beverages with this brilliant bar buy, perfect for summer soirées and garden get-togethers

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There's nothing like a watered-down, warm beverage to dampen the summer spirit. Be it alcoholic or not, no one likes a diluted drink, especially not when you're trying to cool down while basking in the sun or entertaining guests at a summer soirée.

Well, we might've found a solution to our problems, and while this particular buy was intended for whiskey drinkers, we think it'd do just as well for any drink of your choice! Better yet, it has the stamp of approval from experts who find it to be a neat gift to anyone setting up a home bar.


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Whiskey Ice Wedge for Cool and Crisp Summer Drinks

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As seen in the TikTok from mother-daughter creator duo Claudia & Sharon (@cla__sh), Corkcicle's whiskey wedge is an easy-to-use bar addition. The product comes with a square whiskey glass and an ice mold topper. All you have to do is place the mold on top of the glass and pour water through the overhead slat. Then, you can simply place the glass in the freezer and let the mold do its job. Soon after, you'll be left with a sleek ice wedge and a frosty glass fit for your favorite summer drink. We can truly see this being a household staple in stylish home bars.

If you've been on 'DietCokeTok' at some point, you've probably come across several recipes that call for a cold glass to improve the overall beverage experience. And as silly as it may seem, I have used frosted glass in the past and it makes all the difference. So when paired together, an ice wedge and a frosty glass make for the perfect foundation for a refreshingly satisfying drink.

Elissa Hall, founder of EDH Interiors, tells us that the usability of this trendy whiskey ice mold is quite impressive. 'From a design perspective, it seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, which is crucial for any home bar accessory,' says Elissa. 'The mold's design allows for easy removal of the ice without compromising its shape, making it both user-friendly and practical.'

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Elissa points out that molds that create large, slow-melting ice spheres or cubes not only enhance the drinking experience by keeping the whiskey chilled longer but also add a touch of sophistication to the presentation. According to Elissa, such thoughtful design elements resonate well with cocktail corner homeowners who appreciate the finer details.

'This whiskey ice mold is a testament to the growing trend of enhancing the home bar experience,' she says. 'It’s not just about the drink but about the entire sensory experience, be it the visual appeal, the tactile pleasure of holding a perfectly chilled glass, and even the sound of ice clinking.'

Interior designer Amanda Wiss tells us that she has actually gifted Corcicle's whiskey wedge in the past and says it's one of those things that people who love entertaining always have. 'The bigger your ice cube, the slower it will melt, so an ice mold like this is perfect for whiskey and other spirits that you want chilled, but not easily watered down,' she notes. 'Not only do these molds provide visual appeal to drinks, but they make for the perfect sip, every time.'

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