These Viral "Moveable Planter Screens" Are a Genius Way to Make Your Backyard More Private When You Need It

Here's why experts think this viral buy is an ingenious solution for urban gardeners in need of backyard privacy

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Designing gardens in a way that secludes your backyard from your surrounding environment is something we know a lot of people want when it comes to their landscaping. However, sometimes including privacy fences, hedges and trees can carve up an outdoor space in a way that you don't always want it to. If only there was something that looked good, and could provide privacy only when you need it?

Adding a raised plant trough with a privacy screen is great, but it's the planters fitted with wheels that really make all the difference. The efficient mobility combined with the trusty privacy panels have us convinced that this is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

We spoke to a few experts about these trendy garden planters and even found out what you should be planting in your new screened plant beds. Instead of spending a buck too many, investing in one of these planters may be the right move for your backyard.

How do the raised screen planters work?


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If you're not quite sure what we mean by moveable planter screens, take a look at the video above by brand Charles and Ivy. These raised beds with screens move effortlessly on wheeled frames that can be attached to their planters, meaning you can create a screen from overlooking neighbors wherever it's needed.

Gardening expert Tony O'Neill considers mobile raised planters to be an innovative solution for dynamic garden spaces. ' Their mobility allows gardeners to adjust their layout based on the sun's position, the plants' growth stages, or the evolving needs of their outdoor spaces,' says Tony. He particularly recommends the raised planters for renters or those with limited gardening space.

Allison Jacob, housekeeping expert at Trimmed Roots, tells us that using plants for privacy is a clever yet often overlooked tactic. 'The combination of the privacy screen and the ability to grow edibles, herbs, or ornamentals in the planter itself is so versatile. And the height of these planters is perfect, so you can strategically place them to block off lines of sight from neighbors or create semi-private "garden rooms" on patios,' notes Allison.

What should I plant in this sort of planter?

When it comes to growing the best plants for privacy known for their lush foliage to help shield your garden from outside view, Tony recommends planting climbing roses and jasmine plants. Aside from their beautiful blooms and sweet scents, these plants are easy to care for and can grow to be dense and colorful.

Most raised planters come with a trellis screen that creates the perfect backing for plants like ivy and clematis. 'For a more traditional look, varieties of ivy can create a dense, green screen. They're hardy and can grow in various conditions, but watch for aggressive growth. Clematis is also a great option due to its fast growth and vibrant flowers. Just remember that they prefer their "feet" in the shade and their "heads" in the sun, so positioning your planter accordingly is crucial,' says Tony.

Allison confirms that lattice inserts allow vining plants to climb up and fill out the screen naturally. She suggests mixing in taller plants like ornamental grasses or shrubs in the main planter box for a visually appealing layout. If you're a certified garlic girl like me, you can even plant some garlic seeds, like these ones from Amazon, and mark the start of your very own at-home veggie garden. Privacy aside, the best part about these planters is that they'll get you into the spirit of gardening even if you aren't already a seasoned gardener.

Our top raised planter buys for privacy

If you're looking for a way to introduce an added element of privacy to your backyard and you're not in the mood to get a construction crew in to change up the entirety of your home's outer layout, these screen planters will definitely come in handy.

You can even pop some outdoor seating onto your deck and use the planters as a makeshift divider to create smaller zones. By the time you host your next spring garden party, your backyard's lack of privacy will be a problem of the past.

However, when it comes to the Charles & Ivy designs, unless you're based in the UK, getting hold of them isn't so easy. And combining the planters with the trellis and the moveable bases, the price for these designs in particular will really start to add up — you'd be looking at over $1,000 per planter — and it's up to you to decide if that's within your budget.

Here are some moveable planter screens you might also want to consider.

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