This viral Amazon buy lets you turn on your Christmas tree from a light switch - it's the buy of the season, and only $20

This nifty gadget will revolutionize the way you turn on your Christmas tree lights on and you can get get

A living room decorated with a Christmas tree
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We love a well-adorned Christmas tree, and lighting is probably the most important part of your decorations. However, as much as we enjoy the look of the pretty string lights, crawling under the tree to turn on your lights at the outlet every time is no fun during the festive season. 

Well, whether you've got a pre-lit tree or bundles of string lights to turn on each time as part of your Christmas decorating ideas, we've found a gadget online that makes it as easy as flicking on your living room's overhead lighting, from a switch as soon as you walk in the door. 

It is a super simple and affordable solution that will change the game when it comes to turning the tree on. All you have to do is get a wireless remote outlet, plug in your lights, and voila. 

What's better still, is it comes with an adhesive patch to stick it to the wall, perfect for a minimalist living room. Unlike the typical remote switches, this one mimics the classic light switch. It provides great accessibility and no chance of the remote going missing.

But this switch isn't just for Christmas. Keep it all year round and move the plug onto other lights and lamps for easy control. It will make your life so much easier.


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