Victoria Beckham "washes" this part of her home's decor in her bathtub – here's why, according to experts

The former Spice Girl shared some of her home rituals, and it got us to wondering whether we should be doing the same

Victoria Beckham
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Victoria Beckham is about as far from a "cleaning influencer" as you can imagine, so you might have been surprised to see her share something akin to her doing some cleaning chores on her Instagram page. 

However, what the former Spice Girl shared to her Instagram Stories this week was less a mundane part of Victoria's housework routine, and more what you'd expect from the global superstar and fashion icon. 

And, it took place in her modern bathroom. It's all to do with a piece of her home decor that she "cleans", by soaking it in her bathtub. Can you guess what it might be? 

What does Victoria Beckham clean in her bathtub?

This item of home decor might not be something everyone has in their homes, but it's something you'll often find that celebrities have scattered around their spaces. Yes, that's right - it's crystals. 

You'll often spot crystals in the background of the homes of some of your favorite celebrities, on shelves or as coffee table decor, as these spiritual rocks have become an obsession for many stars. Victoria Beckham is no exception, and she has a pretty large collection by the looks of it. But why was she soaking her crystals in the bath?

crystals in a bathtub

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As a crystal owner myself (though I don't boast anywhere near Victoria's collection), I wasn't certain this is something I actually needed to do. 

'Crystal cleansing is an intuitive process,' Jia Jia, a New York-based jewelry and home decor designer who specializes in crystals, tells me. 'It's never necessary but if it feels good to you do it. It's a wonderful ritual to do during a new moon or full moon cycle as those periods symbolize a period of renewal, closure, and big energy in the universe.  Sometimes it is a great way to clear the energy in the house and where we can start new and place them in new areas that feel right that moment for you.' 

Jia Jia Zhu
Jia Jia Zhu

Jia Jia Zhu received a message to work with crystals during a meditation in Bali. Her fascination with crystals and stones started as a child, where she would collect from the beaches in California. Now, alongside her contemporary jewelry and homewares brand, you can find them by her bedside, on the tables, and sometimes even in her plants! Jia Jia homeware offers a variety of products from bowls, coasters, bookends and more, all available on Net-a-Porter. 

How should I cleanse my crystals?


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While some experts promote certain approaches to doing a crystal cleanse, Jia Jia thinks its more about your intention than the process. 'You can create your own ritual as it's all quite the creative process and a practice of following our intuition,' she says. 'However, I'll share my process to start and hopefully it can help with someone who may be interested in starting their own ritual.' 

' If you have access to a natural body of water like a river, sea - that is the best,' says Jia Jia, however, you can do it at home in your bathtub or sink, just like Victoria. 

  • Fill a bathtub or sink up with water and some natural salt (could be Himalayan salt). If you have access to a big bin you can fill that up with water and salts and place the crystals outside overnight or next to the window during a new/full moon cycle
  • Place the crystals into the water and set an intention that comes to you when you place the crystal down — it could be something you are ready to let go of.
  • Clean / tidy up your space while the crystals are sitting in the water.
  • Once the crystals are cleansed - bring them out and place them in the new areas that bring you joy — set an intention as you place them down - an example of an intention is what do you want to bring into your life?
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