This Viral Closet Hack Maximizes Your Wardrobe Space in Seconds — It Looks Good and It's Inexpensive, too

This chic idea is a brilliant way of storing and displaying your wardrobe without bulky drawers or racks

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If there's one thing we could all use more of, no matter our personal style or taste, it's closet space. I don't think anyone has ever opened the doors to their wardrobe, whether free-standing, built-in, or walk-in, and thought, 'Perfect — that's big enough for me!' Lord knows I haven't (but of course, that could have more to do with my tiny New York City Apartment than the size of my clothing collection).

So if you are one of the lucky ones among us with a walk-in closet, I can only assume that, however large your textile oasis might be, you wouldn't say no to more room if given the chance. But what if (and hear me out) ... that's not actually what you need? What if what you actually need is to just optimize the space you already have? Add one of the best closet organizers here, a TikTok recommendation there ... and maybe that space you've been craving will magically appear.

Such is the case with this genius hack I found on social media. With just a few simple and affordable Amazon buys, this user transforms a cluttered wardrobe into the walk-in closet of her dreams. All of a sudden, the tiny space is organized, free of bulky, space-grubbing drawers, and SO aesthetically pleasing.


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It's quite daunting figuring out how to make the most of a small closet, but this ingenious solution is actually quite simple — using Amazon towel bars as makeshift closet rods (and S-hooks and clip hooks as makeshift hangers), content creator @therenegadehome has massively increased the floor space in her walk-in closet and dramatically reduced clutter. Because each item of clothing is hung vertically, meaning you can see your whole collection at once, the process of styling an outfit becomes much easier than if you were, say, required to dig through drawers for your favorite pair of pants.

Toward the end of the video, the creator then shares how she's used this setup in other parts of her home, like her laundry room, her entryway, and her garage, where she hangs wrinkly clothes, backpacks, and paintbrushes, respectively. It's such an easy, practical, damage-free (if you use command strips!) hack, I don't blame her. And much like another towel bar DIY I found a few months ago, this could very well be one I integrate into my own life as soon as possible. One of the best small closet ideas I've seen in a while!

Build your own closet rack

Now — no closet is created equal. Trust me, I understand! If this particular hack doesn't work in your space specifically but you were hoping for some closet organization tips, fear not; below, I've collated a few of Livingetc's favorite wardrobe organizers, most of which we've written about over the last few years. I'd bet what little room I have left in my own teeny shoebox that you'll find something you like.

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