This viral $25 tool will fix the 'broken' bulbs in your Christmas tree lights in a matter of seconds

Broken Christmas tree lights? Fix them instantly using this $25 tool that's taken TikTok by storm!

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Is there anything more frustrating than decorating your Christmas tree only to discover that half its lights are no longer working? It's hard to give your tree that magical glow with only half the bulbs functioning, after all. 

However, before you go out and buy a whole new set this year, you might want to try this clever tool we've discovered online that can fix your dud light bulbs in seconds. That's right, those bulbs you thought were broken might just need a helping hand to glow again. 

Unlike LEDs, the small wires in incandescent bulbs can undergo an internal bulb failure known as a 'shunt issue'. It's the most common explanation for why your Christmas lights can stop working - and it can be fixed! All you need is this clever little battery-operated tool and your entire string of lights will be bought back to life in a matter of seconds, ensuring you keep your Christmas decorating magic alive. Here's how it works. 

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Lilith is an expert at following news and trends across the world of interior design. She's committed to helping readers make the best choices in their homes through writing practical tips and guides to help with all their DIY needs. With Christmas just around the corner, she examines this simple hack for fixing string lights.

We all know we ought to test our lights before decorating the Christmas tree, but finding out that only half of them light up is nearly enough to ruin the big day itself. That's where this clever light-fixing tool can save your Christmas (and save you money!)

The tool, called the LightKeeper Pro, has been taking TikTok by storm, and although it might sound technical, it really isn't! A short video posted by DIY TikTokker @hellokristen explains how to use it. 

'You can get this tool from Target for just 20 bucks, and I just fixed my Christmas tree with it,' she explains. 'There are two different ways you can use it. You can press this top button and it will tell you if the bulbs are even getting power, or you can take the lightbulbs off and put the light in the gun and click it a few times.'

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This latter method is what LightKeeper Pro calls their 'Quick Fix Method'. It simply involves plugging your LightKeeper Pro tool into an empty socket on the faulty light set and pulling the trigger several times until the power is restored to the section of your lights that was previously faulty. It works by sending a pulse through the light set, finding the bad bulbs, and fixing the shunt.

When this method doesn't work, this is because a shunt issue won't be the underlying problem. That's where the alternative method comes in. On the top of the LightKeeper Pro tool, there's an 'Audible Voltage Detector' which locates the interruption in the circuit, which could be due to socket issues, or broken or missing bulbs. The tool typically comes with spare bulbs and fuses to help your fix this issue so you don't need to splash the cash on new string lights in the run-up to Christmas. Plus, it's more sustainable, too - a win-win.  

As well as your typical string Christmas lighting, the LightKeeper Pro also works on pre-lit trees, wreaths, and garlands that tend to cost a lot more to replace. There's probably lots of other lighting decor you'll find it useful for the rest of the year-round, too. A sustainable tool that helps save you money? It's going straight on our Christmas list.

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<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Light Keeper Pro, Amazon

The LightKeeper Pro, available at Amazon, fixes most incandescent light sets in seconds with the squeeze of a trigger. Simple attach the device to your broken light socket and click the trigger until the lights come on. This package includes a bulb tester, fuse tester, bulb puller, and 10 clear replacement bulbs.


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