This smart mattress wants to help you get healthier (as well as banish those night-time chilly feet)

The updated 360 smart mattress from Sleep Number will now alert you to what's impacting your nights

Sleep Number 360® i10 smart bed
(Image credit: Sleep Number)

How did you sleep last night? Unless your sleep hygiene is immaculate and you don't suffer from noisy neighbors, an old bed frame, or any of the others things that disturb our precious slumber, then your answer is likely something like, 'could have been better.'

There is no shortage of apps and gadgets that promise to help the epidemic of sleeplessness, but Sleep Number has gone a few steps further by creating an all-in-one smart sleep machine within one of its mattresses.

Revealed at this year's Consumer Electronic's Show taking place in Las Vegas, the revamped 360 mattress now promises to do everything from keeping you warm (or cool) to detecting conditions like sleep apnea as you snooze.

The Sleep Number 360 is packed with different sensors designed to monitor your body over long periods of time, eventually creating a mattress that meets every one of your needs - and hopefully never needs to be replaced.

Sleep Number really, really wants to integrate into your life, too, promising to take care of you throughout major life stages including pregnancy and old age, and wants you to give its insights over to caregivers and doctors for better overall health.

Shelly Ibach, President, and CEO of Sleep Number said: "As a company with purpose, we are improving the health and wellbeing of society through higher quality sleep. Our technology platform offers an innovative solution that can redefine real-world health care with simple, attainable proactive care and early intervention - from home, and from the comfort of your 360 smart bed.

"Our newest [beds] support sleeper's changing needs at every life stage, with personalized comfort and insights for the highest quality of sleep."

Sleep Number 360® i10 smart bed

(Image credit: Sleep Number)

The way Sleep Number hopes the mattress will work is by detecting events and behavior that are out of the ordinary, such as insomnia or even heart attacks. There is also smart furniture that can be used alongside it, like the FlexFit adjustable base that can be modified for those with mobility issues caused by injury or age.

"An individual's sleep health needs change throughout their life, and as people undergo milestones, they need solutions that help them live healthy, independent lives," added Annie Bloomquist, Chief Innovation Officer at Sleep Number. "In listening to our customers - our smart sleeper community - and learning from over 13 billion hours' worth of proprietary data, our newest 360 smart beds will support sleep health at every stage.

"Our best-in-class sensing capabilities that deliver the highly accurate data we collect nightly, will allow personalized health insights and health risk evaluations to meaningfully improve sleep and enable preemptive care throughout their life."

What does the Sleep Number 360 Smart Mattress do?

The Classic, Performance, and Innovation Sleep Number 360models, which you can buy right now, have a huge range of features that are customizable for you and your partner. These include:

Responsive air - the mattress auto-adjusts its firmness in response to your movements, without disturbing your partner.

SleepIQ - your standard sleep tracking technology that gives you a morning report of the night before - but built right into the bed.

Temperature balancing - excess heat is absorbed, ensuring you and your partner are both experiencing the optimal temperatures for uninterupted sleep. Perfect if you're a cold sleep and your partner likes to be a little warmer. You can also get individual feet warmers for even cozier bedtimes.

What's new?

The new 360 smart mattress will be much more forward-thinking with its offering, giving you insights into how your health is now, and how warning signs like sleep apnea and insomnia might point to issues in the future. As our friends at Tom's Guide point out, however, it's unclear when Sleep Number will get approval for these kinds of features.

Smart furniture

More immediately achievable are the new smart furniture additions revealed by the company, which include noise cancellation for an environment more conducive for sleep, ambient lighting that supports circadian rhythms, integrated charging pockets for your phone, and more.

How much will it cost?

The new and improved Sleep Number 360 smart mattress won't be available to buy until 2023 when it will cost a premium but not at all eyewatering $1,099. That, of course, doesn't include any extras or accompanying smart furniture, but it's still a very reasonable price point for something in the smart home realm. 

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