This DIYer Integrated a Bespoke Dog Bar into Her Kitchen, and the Idea isn't as Crazy as it Seems

This clever kitchen addition creates a designated space for your furry friends

woof station
(Image credit: Bianca, @chic_in_property)

A dog is man's best friend, so it's only right they are treated as such. During a kitchen renovation, you might not have previously considered creating a 'woof bar' for your furry friends but after seeing what this DIYer has made for her dog, we're sure you'll be inspired. 

A dedicated area within your modern kitchen for your dog to dine might not be at the top of your renovation plans for 2024, however, the innovative idea has certainly caught our attention. It comes courtesy of Bianca from @chic_in_property who recently shared her pup's Michelin-star-worthy spot on Instagram, and we had to tell the world. Take a closer look and find out how you can recreate this cute addition to your kitchen below.

We're so used to seeing beautiful mudroom ideas with innovative features, but never before have we seen such a clever idea for a dedicated dog station. Although it might seem extravagant and look seriously design-worthy, the practical benefits really come up trumps. 

'The “woof bar” is in the boot room,' says Bianca. 'It's a space which is semi-dedicated to my dog Syd as it has a separate entrance, so when we get back from our walks she doesn’t get muddy footprints everywhere.'

But it isn't the mess-free design that we're most excited about, it's the clever pull-out drawer and tap for Syd to drink from. 'The purpose of the drawer is to pop away for easy cleaning,' explains Bianca. 'Our water is really hard, so we had a water filter unit put in for the kitchen tap and when I realized I would be walking to the kitchen to fill her water bowl I decided to do a filtered water tap for the dog too.'

The nifty drawer also houses her food bowl which is easily filled and hidden away. If you're fed up with tripping over your dog's bowl or the unsightly greeting of half-eaten food every time you enter the kitchen, this genius solution should certainly be part of your next kitchen plan. 

dog station

(Image credit: Bianca, @chic_in_property)

Put simply, this room is a true dog owner's paradise. 'Not only does it include her woof bar but a doggy shower and bed,' Bianca adds. There are many ways to make this room fit your personal design style, including many chic dog wash station ideas that give your furry friends a level of luxury that they deserve. 

If you're a keen DIYer or in the midst of a renovation, why not consider treating your four-legged friend to their very own woof bar? I guarantee they'll be eternally grateful, and your space will surely benefit too.

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