Parisians Know Better Than to Buy Into These Decor Trends - Clichés to Avoid According to Effortlessly Chic Designers

These designers are the epitome of French chic, and they say these trends are officially overdone

A dining room table with a rug underfoot
(Image credit: Stephan Julliard. Design: Le Berre Vevaud)

Paris is often considered the pinnacle of design, and while exquisite interior inspiration comes from all around the world, France's capital still retains a great influence in the creative sphere. 

Naturally, this means we're always interested in what they have to say about the state of design and how it might influence future trends. So, when considering what might be the next big thing for 2024, who better to ask than the Parisian designers themselves? They know what a contemporary space will look like way ahead of the curve, and - more importantly - what it won't look like. 

We spoke to several Parisian interior designers to discover the interior design trends they won't be taking into 2024, and everything they'll be featuring instead. Here are four outdated design ideas to be wary of as we head into the new year. 

1. Heavy patterns

Fabric in a Parisian apartment

(Image credit: Pierre Frey)

Extravagant patterns, and pattern drenching in particular, had a moment in design, but as we move towards a design aesthetic that values serenity, they've become incompatible. The pattern trends we see emerging for 2024 focus on creating that comforting environment. For Aline Asmar d’Amman, architectural designer and founder of Culture in Architecture, heavy patterns are one thing she's ready to leave in 2023.

'Shiny tiles and heavy patterns are out,' Aline says, 'but these were out since day one in my design philosophy driven by textural emotions and rich materiality.' In place of these busy patterns, the designer is opting for a more comforting style instead. 'There's certainly something unique and mood-boosting about a daily dose of elegance and galore, and feeling like a queen or king in one’s own sanctuary.' 

2. Reddish-brown wood panels

A Parisian room is filled with trinkets

(Image credit: Thibault Pousset. Design: Kasha Paris)

Fabrice Juan has perfected the art of French living, pairing classical luxury with modern practicality in his French-style living rooms. In his quest to pursue the most stylish and modern look, he has had a change of heart on dark wood, moving away from the classic Parisian style entirely to something more minimalist in nature.

'In 2024, the latest trend is veering away from reddish-brown wood panels and embracing a modern aesthetic with smooth, matte plaster,' he says. 'Indoor spaces in 2024 are leaning towards contemporary style.' 

3. Harsh and sterile design

Living room with cream and brown tiles, brown leather chairs , cream walls and stone fireplace

(Image credit: Bert & May)

Continuing along the principle of creating a comforting environment, Raphaël Le Berre & Thomas Vevaud of LE BERRE VEVAUD, are saying no to harsh and sterile design choices. 

'Increasingly incorporating biophilic design principles, we're bringing the outdoors inside,' they pair say in their 2024 design direction. 'Natural materials, greenery, and ample natural light are becoming integral elements in our designs, promoting a healthier and more connected living environment.' 

As part of this ethos, they're leaving industrial metals behind, cold and sterile lighting, and cool color palettes. As well as this, the designers have said they aren't to be restricted by a single design principle. 'We're leaving behind a strict adherence to a single design style. Instead opting for eclectic styles that blend elements from various design movements and inspirations,' they explain.

In 2024 design will incorporate more warmth, character, and personalized elements. 'Warm, natural materials like exotic woods, and stone are in, as well as custom and artisanal lighting fixtures with warm, ambient light,' the adds. In terms of paint ideas, earthy tones are also on the agenda. 'Deep greens, rich blues, and warm burgundies create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.'

4. Angular shapes

A typical Parisian apartment

(Image credit: Stephan Julliard. Design: Le Berre Vevaud)

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a divisive shift in furniture silhouettes, particularly sofa trends. The rise of the curved sofa has continued to grow and interior designers are suggesting softness will continue to be one of the keywords to take into 2024 designs.

'Embracing a more fluid and approachable design aesthetic will be key for 2024,' suggest Raphael and Thomas. This approach turns away from geometric patterns in excess and sharp angular shapes. However, this needn't be the end of playful patterns. 'Opt for organic and abstract patterns inspired by nature that add visual interest without overwhelming the space,' they say.

All of these design principles are a form of guidance for the year ahead from our trusty Parisian designers. With everything that gets left behind, a new wave of ushering in occurs that is an exciting opportunity for change. From everything they've said, it looks like 2024 is set to be a very stylish year indeed.

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