Tan France Selected this Farrow & Ball Paint Shade as his Favorite Color for an Ultra Calming Scheme

Speaking on Farrow & Ball's new podcast, the Queer Eye star picked out this specific color as his favorite shade for a calming scheme

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Tan France is a style icon of the highest caliber, his fashion expertise on Queer Eye teaching us everything we need to know about how to dress well. It isn't only his great taste in style that inspires us, however, but his interior design prowess, too. 

After recently completing their family home in Salt Lake City which they built from the ground up, Tan and his husband Rob have been sharing glimpses inside their sprawling mock Tudor property on Instagram, and the interior is just as beautiful as you'd expect. With a confessed love for color, Tan's home also features an expertly curated color palette, with one particularly grounding shade appearing throughout his entire home. 

Appearing as the first guest on Farrow & Ball's new podcast The Chromologist - launching Monday, 11th March - Tan revealed which shade features most throughout his home and, unsurprisingly, it's a designer favorite. Following the podcast's 'journey through color' format, he also selected the heritage paint brand's calming, classic hue as the one that best represents where he is in life right now. 

'It's a color that will be important to me and my husband for the rest of our lives because we don't plan on changing this home anytime soon,' Tan revealed to host Patrick O’Donnell. 'We've purposely chosen colors that are classic and timeless.' Whether you're looking for a fresh shade that will spruce up your home for spring, or you want an enduring hue for kitchen cabinets that outlive any color trends, this iconic Farrow & Ball color should definitely be on your radar. 

What is Tan's Favorite Farrow & Ball Shade for Calming Schemes? 

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When asked which Farrow & Ball shade best embodies Tan's life at this moment, the Queer Eye star chose Breakfast Room Green, a lively mid-green that feels seriously calming, especially when paired with white. 

'My husband and I love a green because it feels so calming,' Tan explained on Farrow & Ball's podcast. 'We live in the mountains and we like to keep our doors open, and for the walls to be almost a continuation of the landscape we see outside.' 

Tan went on to say that many of the areas inside his home (and surrounding it) feature a similar hue to Breakfast Room Green, including his entryway, living room, kitchen cabinetry, and the guest cottage, the latter of which has a particularly green-heavy palette. 

'When people come and visit, we wanted to offer an added layer of color that really felt relaxing,' he told the host. 'We love Farrow & Ball's tented stripe wallpaper so we had a custom green color made that would closely match the green color that we're using for the kitchen in that space.'

Beyond the calming, comforting qualities of this grounding tone, Tan also loves it for its timeless feel when used in a color palette. While green has certainly been enjoying its time in the spotlight lately, this sage-like hue has a retro feel that doesn't seem to age, and it's so versatile that compliments many other shades, too. 'We see it as classic decoration that our kids will allow us to keep them for decades to come,' Tan said. 

If you're looking for a timeless paint idea that instantly calms you as soon as you enter the room, let this shade be top of your list. If it's good enough for Tan, it's certainly good enough for us. 

The first three episodes of The Chromologist will be available on Spotify starting on March 11th, with the subsequent five episodes launching weekly.

Tan's Other Favorite Farrow & Ball Shades

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