Poliform Defines The 2024 Vision For The Modern Home At Milan's Salone del Mobile

Poliform showcases a complete vision of the 2024 elegant, refined home and its ideal of contemporary living at this year’s Salone del Mobile

Milan Design Week Poliform Ernest corner sofa in white
(Image credit: Poliform)

One of the most celebrated Italian brands, Poliform has taken the opportunity of this year’s Milan Design Week to showcase the ‘Poliform Style’ and its all-encompassing ideal of contemporary living. The narrative of the brand’s Salone del Mobile installation takes the viewer through a story of home filled with numerous pieces created together with leading names in international design such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Emmanuel Gallina and Stefano Belingardi Clusoni.

The outstanding display covers an area of 1800 sqm and it’s an opportunity to experience the brand and its latest products in the unique, authentic environment of the Casa Poliform. Here are our favorite products, and an idea of what you can expect from the Casa if visiting the Salone. And if this leaves you craving for more from the home of design, have a look at tour Italian Issue for Spring 24 where you’ll find a wealth of inspiration from the most outstanding designers and brands.

The Adrien Table

Milan Design Week Poliform Adrien dining table in marble

(Image credit: Poliform)

Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, the Adrien table present at this year's Milan Design Week is a sculptural, charismatic piece, ready to become a new icon of design made for a social setting. Its classic, imposing look is balanced by the playful, asymmetrical position of the legs which make it a staple of modern design, moving the brand in a new direction of bold innovation.

‘This table is a balance between both a classic and modern aesthetic. Easy to incorporate in a modern dining room, it will stand out as a beautiful piece of design with its own distinct character,’ says Hugh Metcalf, Editor of Livingetc.com.

The Ernest Sofa

Milan Design Week Poliform Ernest corner sofa

(Image credit: Poliform)

Take it from us: also designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, this sofa presented at Salone del Mobile will stay on your mind for a good while. The designer interprets the theme of comfort in a radical way, providing soft and deconstructed volumes materialized by down-filled cushions. ‘It will look striking in any home,’ says Hugh. ‘The shape in itself is enough of a statement that you won’t want or need to style it up with any other accessories,’ he adds.

The same refined aesthetic is also seen in the tables of the same collection, which further expand on the stylistic impact of modular design: like a puzzle, the tables can be combined at the centre of the living room or used individually next to the Ernest sofa.

The Brera Bed

Milan Design Week Poliform Brera cream bed with oversized headboard

(Image credit: Poliform)

We love the Brera bed for its minimalist lines in muted, natural tones, perfect for a calming bedroom scheme. The oversized headboard and the leather base give it an elevated presence that will always look good, regardless of trends. The design is like a sophisticated canvas onto which you can layer bedding to express your style, or go for a minimalist look to enhance the bed's pure architectural-inspired lines.

The Duke sideboard

Milan Design Week Poliform Duke sideboard in wood with marble top

(Image credit: Poliform)

The solid, imposing structure of the sideboards in this collection, available in different heights and sizes, are lightened by the rounded curves and minimalist form. The dark wood looks beautiful combined with the marble top, this combination of materials appearing to be a much favoured one at this year's Salone del Mobile, and we're set to be seeing a lot of it in future interior trends

The Ernest coffee tables

Milan Design WEek Poliform Ernest set of two coffee tables in cream and black marble

(Image credit: Poliform)

In the same theme as the Ernest sofas, the coffee tables stay true to the concept of modularity. The puzzle-like pairing of these two tables, one in black elm, the other in cream marble can be used together in the centre of your living room, or apart, on the sides of your sofa or accent chairs, creating different dynamics and layouts within your space.

The Ipanema Chair

Milan Design Week Poliform Ipanema two dining chairs in black and cream

(Image credit: Poliform)

These chairs are absolutely perfect in their purified, simple form that encapsulates the essential lines of modern furniture. Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud as part of the Ipanema collection, the chair has a handcrafted leather upholstery that is curved over the backrest for greater comfort, giving it a more dynamic and sophisticated feel.

The Kaori lounge chair

Milan Design Week Poliform Kaori lounge chairs in black and brown

(Image credit: Poliform)

This armchair is created for absolute comfort with soft lines, enveloping shapes and a generous volume. The outer shell in smooth leather envelops the seating cushion which can be chosen in different fabric options. The armchair has a practical swivel mechanism and a matching foot stool is available for maximum comfort.

The Soori Day outdoor lounge seat

Milan Design Week Poliform Soori day lounge round in mocha

(Image credit: Poliform)

Designed to feel like a relaxing island in itself, to enjoy the open air in total comfort, the Soori is a large, round, day bed with a laid-back design. Its braided headboard is elegant, and the texture of its upholstery was carefully selected to ensure a pleasant sensation to the touch.

It's absolutely elegant and elevated enough to help you create an outdoor living room look in your backyard this summer. 

Casa Poliform

If you’re in Milan for Design Week, Casa Poliform should be on your must-see list. From the outside, you will notice the beautiful minimalist exterior in pursuit of lightness and purity of design. Large surfaces covered in black tiles make a bold statement and add decorative allure inspired by the mosaics of Villa Oasis, the home of Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakesh.

The layout of the interior sees a fusion of oriental styles as the key inspiration. The convergence of these different stylistic approaches are skilfully orchestrated, harmoniously flowing into a single language that is characteristic of the elegant and timeless appeal of Poliform.

With Casa Poliform, the brand makes a statement towards creating complete living solutions for the modern home within an immersive atmosphere incorporating colors and textures, scent, furniture, and architecture of space. A joy to experience.

Discover the world of Poliform.

Raluca Racasan
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