This Pinewood Furniture Hack Makes Old Wooden Furniture Look so Much More Stylish

Give your furniture a new lease of life with this simple DIY idea

a textured scandi living room
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The Scandi aesthetic continues to dominate the design world, and we aren't mad about it. However, I am mad about the fact that all my wooden furniture has that unsightly orange tinge that works against the desired look, instantly dating my space. Fortunately, though, I've found out that there's a way to fix this.

Striping wood is not a new trick for avid DIYers, however, it is a great way of giving your existing furniture the Scandi touch and a new lease of life. This specific DIY idea will remove any orange tint the wood currently has to produce a light ash-toned wood that's integral to the neutral, pared-back design style we all know and love. Use this idea on all that dated-looking pinewood furniture and you'll instantly tone down your space and create a more harmonious neutral color scheme. Here's how it's done. 

How do I remove orange tones from my wooden furniture?

How to use neutral tones in an interesting way

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Upcycling furniture is a great way to update older pieces of well-made furniture and be more sustainable. Sometimes you love the shape of a piece of furniture but just wish it was a different color to match the rest of your interior. Trends change quickly, color trends included, meaning what was in a few years ago might be in need of an update by now. For example, older styles of furniture tend to have a warm undertone, but the trend now leans towards cooler ashy shades. 

Simple Scandi living room

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Luckily there's a simple method to transform your old furniture to look like something that belongs in a stylish Copenhagen coffee shop. Avid DIYer and upcycling influencer Michelle McRae (@shellychicboutique) recently shared this trick, and we were shocked at the results.

To achieve the pale wood color you first want to strip your wood, this will remove the finish of the wood, including any stained varnish. While this will remove the bulk of color, it can also leave an orange tint that isn't the intended look. 

Luckily, getting rid of these undertones is easy. All you need to do is brush over a little paint wash and voila - you're left with a piece of furniture that looks super stylish and chic. It really is as simple as a couple of paint strokes!

If a Scandi decor style is your desired look, applying this simple hack to your wooden furniture will help you seal the deal. 

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