Our Place launched the perfect companion to their infamous Always Pan

The versatile Perfect Pot joins the Our Place lineup with 11 functions and is available in four colors

Our Place Perfect Pan on table
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Fans of Our Place's Instagram famous Always Pan – AKA your go-to cookware for everything – prepare yourselves for the brand's latest addition. It pretty much fills all the gaps that the Always Pan, while extremely versatile, simply can't replace. We're talking roomy pots for soups, pasta, family-sized meals, and more, and it's perfect. The Perfect Pot, actually. 

Similar to how the Always Pan is the last pan you'll ever need, the same goes for the Our Place Perfect Pot, and wow, do they look good together side by side. The roomy 5.5-quart, ceramic non-stick design functions as a stockpot, Dutch oven, saucepot, bread pot, braiser, and comes with an ingenious cast aluminum nonstick rack for roasting and steaming. Plus, what's an Our Place product without a thoughtfully designed spoon rest? It can rest in two different positions. And that's not all, look very closely,  and you'll see that this mighty workhorse also has a strainer built into the self-basting lid. Everything has been thought of.   

In all, Our Place identified 11 uses you can multi-purpose within its Perfect Pot: boil, crisp, bake, braise, roast, steam, strain, store, serve, pour, and steep. The versatility of it helps you cut down on clutter and basically reclaim your kitchen storage. I can't say I've tried all of these methods just yet, but it's my new go-to vessel for any time I boil pasta. And I expect it to bring me out of my shell to try new one-pot recipes. It's surprisingly lightweight, just 4.3lb, way less than any Dutch oven I've seen. 

Our Place Perfect Pot and Always Pan

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I especially can't wait to whip it out for any upcoming family holidays. I imagine it to be the perfect vessel for baking my grandma's kugel recipe, or even for my mom's secret brisket recipe. And it'll look so good on the table too for festive meals. 

Another great feature that sets it apart from the Always Pan: this can go from stovetop to OVEN to table. That very necessary extra feature can handle temperatures up 425°F / 215°C. But just remember, those handles will get hot.

Our place perfect pot in oven

(Image credit: Our Place)

So when can you catch this beauty? Right now! Starting August 16th, a new color will be released every day, starting with my favorite Blue Salt, followed by Steam, Char, and Spice. It looks like only 2,000 pans are available each day. If there's one thing to know about Our Place, it is to act fast, as this new addition will likely sell out. Last year, the Always Pan had a waitlist 60,000 people deep, and we expect more or less the same excitement. 

Our Place Perfect Pot | $165 USD / £160 GBP/ $220 CAD at Our Place

Our Place Perfect Pot | $165 USD / £160 GBP/ $220 CAD at Our Place

At launch (August 16th), you'll be able to pick up Blue Salt. On the following days, Char (gray), Spice (pink), and Steam (off-white) will drop. Each pot comes with a Beechwood spoon and a roasting/steaming rack.

Now that I've had a short while to get acquainted with my new Perfect Pot, here's some tips and tricks I've come across that I'll share with you:

  • Never heat your Perfect Pot empty
  • For longevity, and to protect the longevity, use low to medium heat
  • You really only need a little bit of oil or butter to coat the surface
  • Use high smoke point oils like extra virgin olive, refined coconut, avocado, peanut oils, and ghee.
  • Don't use metal utensils (the included wood spoon is pretty good)
  • Lid will likely be hot or get hot if you're using the strainer, make sure you can safely and comfortably secure both the lid and pot
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