Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent’s latest collection with Living Spaces is minimalist fall decor done right

For the minimalists among us, it's the perfect way to introduce some new season decor into your space

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent in a neutral living room
(Image credit: Living Spaces)

It's no secret that we're huge fans of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's elegant, pared-back style. The designer couple are the kings of warm neutral decor, masters of mixing materials, and experts in minimalism. Whenever there's word of a new collection in the works we of course wait on in eager anticipation, and their latest launch with Living Spaces did not disappoint. 

Their sixth collaboration with the brand is all about taking things back to basics, underlined by a casually cool coastal vibe. It marks Nate and Jeremiah's first venture into full upholstery and features 43-pieces that span every room of the home, with a emphasis on light materials, simplicity, and tranquillity. For the minimalists among us, it's the perfect way to introduce some new season decor into your space. 

'Nate and Jeremiah have created yet another beautiful line that seamlessly elevates the style of any space without sacrificing comfort or functionality,' says Living Spaces CEO Grover Geiselman. 'You don't have to live at the beach to appreciate the classic, coastal elements in the fall collection.' Here are some highlights we're loving that master some of the biggest interior design trends for 2024

Warm blonde woods

A neutral dining room with a wooden dining table

(Image credit: Living Spaces)

Warm woods are a recurring motif through the entire line. From bright and breezy bedside tables to organic inspired dining sets, the mood is all about recreating a cool, Cali-coastal style. 'There's a joy to coastal living that speaks to everyone,' says Nate. 'Using natural elements, and neutral tones, the line is both handsome and casual.' 

For a light and bright look, the Voyage series showcases the best of blonde wood.  We love the simplicity of the two drawer nightstand where the brushed light oak and minimal, clean lines create a look that will blend seamlessly into any style. For fans of the organic modern style, why not go all out with a bright oak trestle dining set which comes with a mixture of wooden back and upholstered dining chairs, as well as a bench for a convivial dining atmosphere. 

Plush upholstery 

A neutral decorated bedroom with a large jute rug

(Image credit: Living Spaces)

As their first foray into upholstery, the plush fabrics are a standout of the collection. For a minimalist living room, the Shore sectional sofa, which comes in a host of configurations, is the cloud-like couch you've been seeing all over your Instagram feed. Pair with one of Nate and Jeremiah's natural jute rugs and some sheepskin throw pillows for a cozy minimaluxe aesthetic that invites warmth into your home this winter.

Sumptuous fabrics and soft textiles aren't limited to the living room, either. The fully upholstered linen Porto Bed is the epitome of luxury living and comes in an array of customizable colors. It's a classic, full-bodied bed frame that will look right at home in any bedroom. 

'We intentionally designed the pieces to make them easy to mix and match – the point is so you can create a look that reflects your personal style,' Jeremiah says. 'Whether that's adding more functionality to a room or bringing in a statement piece that you then design around.' 

Multifunctional furniture 

A neutral living room with large cream sofas and floor to ceiling windows

(Image credit: Living Spaces)

While Nate and Jeremiah's modern coastal collection features a minimalist aesthetic, the designers have also created ample room for clever, practical details to create multi-functional pieces. I mean, what more would you expect from a couple so committed to an organized, clutter-free lifestyle? 

As we edge closer to 2024, space-saving solutions are on everyone's radar. If you're looking for functional furniture that makes it easier to embrace minimalist without having to part with your stuff, the Porto Bed we just mentioned comes with handy, tucked-away storage space while the Voyage nightstands have USB ports subtly integrated into them. To really maximize space in a small bedroom or living room, the Marlowe storage ottoman is also the perfect way to hide everyday items out of sight when not in use. 

Want to bring Nate and Jeremiah's elegant touch to your home this fall? Their fall 2023 collection is now available at all 39 Living Spaces stores, and online with free shipping nationwide at  

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