Nate Berkus Says This is the One Room of the Home Where we Should Experiment With Bold Wallpaper

Smaller spaces offer the perfect opportunity to go bolder, braver, and more bashful with your wall designs, says Nate

A bathroom with a bright pink botanical wallpaper and three sketched on the wall
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Most homes have specially curated spaces that have been personalized to match the overarching theme of the home. But some of the best homes have small surprise corners draped in patterns that are loud with color. While this space may vary from house to house, we just found the one room of the home that can always afford to be a little bit extra, and this golden nugget of style comes from none other than Nate Berkus, an expert in the field of interior design.

This room is often overlooked during home renovation projects, but we believe that with a little more attention, it could turn into a room that'll fetch you more compliments than you can count. And all it really needs is a bold wallpaper idea to bring it to life. So we spoke to the experts to find out just how you can go bold and brave with patterned walls in this room a chic facelift.

Bold Wallpaper for a stylish powder room

A small powder room with a pink wallpaper

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In a recent Instagram video, Nate Berkus let us in on one of his top-tier design secrets and this particular trick can take your powder room from blah to beautiful. According to Nate, powder rooms are the best areas to experiment with bold wallpaper. He explains that since powder rooms tend to be small in size, they don't require too much wallpaper or too many elements of decor. This means that the decorative items in the powder room can be brightly patterned and vibrantly colored to give the room a lively atmosphere.

Chelsea Clark of I Love Wallpaper tells us that powder rooms offer a unique opportunity to have fun and add character to your home. 'As it’s a low-traffic area, you won’t tire of the design, so it can be completely different from the rest of the house, allowing you to experiment with bold patterns and colors,' she says. Chelsea recommends letting your creative spirit flow freely while decorating this room and suggests wallpapering everything, including the ceiling for a dramatic and impactful effect.

A powder room with 70s style wallpaper

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Interior design expert Nina Lichtenstein tells us that incorporating artistic wallpaper into a powder room is a powerful yet manageable way to elevate your home's interior design. 'By taking cues from Nate Berkus' approach, you can transform this often-neglected space into a captivating oasis that reflects your unique style and leaves a lasting impression on guests,' she notes.

Aside from the many beautiful designs that wallpapers offer, this is undoubtedly a convenient way to redecorate your powder room with ease. Instead of taking the time out to paint the space, you can simply decorate with wallpaper instead. Not only will this save you some time but wallpaper also gives you the option of incorporating an element of design into a basic space.

Sarah Storms, founder of Styled By Storms, tells us that since these small spaces are typically tucked away, they allow you to create a special jewel box for someone to experience. 'When it comes to prints, almost anything goes but it's best to avoid patterns that are so large you don’t get the full repeat within the space,' recommends Sarah. She also suggests considering the facets of the room that may be currently unchangeable, such as the bathroom tiling and fixtures, to retain the aesthetic of the room.

Bathroom with black and gold ornamental wallpaper

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If your powder room houses a dark interior room without windows, design expert Emily LaMarque recommends playing up the moodiness by opting for a dark wallpaper that gives lots of drama. She is also a big fan of using organic-shaped prints in small spaces like powder rooms as they tend to give the space some much-needed character.

Similarly, Nina says that when selecting wallpaper for your powder room, consider striking patterns and colors that reflect your personal taste. 'Nate Berkus suggests exploring geometric designs, floral motifs, or even whimsical prints that make a statement,' she notes. 'Dark hues like navy, emerald, or charcoal can add depth and drama, while metallic accents or glossy finishes lend elegance.'

Wallpaper is an affordable way to make your powder room look expensive and luxurious without actually forking out too much money. So, if you're bored of your powder room and are looking to indulge in a spring spruce, consider using eye-catching wallpaper to give the room a brand-new look. Besides your guests, we think you'll also find yourself venturing into this fun little space more often than before.

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