Interiors guru Michelle Ogundehin reveals 3 simple rules she applies to every item in her home

These expert-approved rules will leave your space looking stylish and running seamlessly – this is how to mirror Michelle’s teachings in your interiors

Green color drenched kitchen and dining room by Little Greene
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When it comes to interior design ideas, you could do far worse than follow advice from Michelle Ogundehin – the home decor expert and TV personality whose tips are amongst the most sought-after in the industry. 

We were, therefore, naturally very excited when Michelle sat down with Livingetc to share the modern home decor ideas she practices in her own home – including how she creates a joyful living environment – using three simple rules. 

Following the discussion of ‘The Ballerina Collection,’ her curated picks of De’Longhi’s breakfast new breakfast collection, Michelle shared that ‘functionality’ is the ‘first and foremost element of a kitchen appliance. However, she then explained the three rules that she mirrors in her own kitchen – and the entirety of her home. 

Yellow painted kitchen with traditional furnishings

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‘I would apply the same rules that I apply to anything in my home,’ Michelle begins. ‘Beauty, longevity, and simplicity. The things that you use every day have to be things you love,’ she says.

Michelle’s checklist will make your daily rituals feel seamless – and look beautiful in the process, but why is it important to ensure you love your functional pieces? ‘If I’m going to touch them, hold them, and use them every day, then they have to be things that I think I love using,’ Michelle says. 

‘These things can give a subliminal, emotional boost. You just get that little fire in your soul.’ This is the modern kitchen idea – and important life teaching – that will make your everyday feel happier, but what about the items that don’t provoke joy.

Monochromatic kitchen

The Ballerina Collection by De'Longhi and Michelle Ogundehin

(Image credit: De'Longhi)

‘If you think of the opposite of this, for example, that door that always sticks or the jug that dribbles. They [make you feel] the reverse. We always remember those, but we forget the things that bring us up,’ she explains. 

‘It’s about surrounding yourself with as many things that bring you up as possible. This is why I’m militant about getting rid of clutter. These things can sabotage the feeling of your home.’

The Ballerina collection by De'Longhi

The Ballerina Collection by De'Longhi and Michelle Ogundehin

(Image credit: De'Longhi)

Where should you begin? Michelle’s bespoke list of ten items within the Ballerina collection is the perfect place to start. You can discover more via the De’Longhi website.

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