Matthew Williamson x Pooky: our new lighting crush

Matthew Williamson's lampshades for Pooky and a riot of print and pattern

Matthew Williamson - the former fashion designer beloved by Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Jade Jagger - has teamed up with Pooky to create a quintessentially Williamson collection of decorative lampshades.

When Matthew joined the our podcast, Home Truths, a few weeks ago, he talked about his love of interiors, of pattern, and of how he designs imagining how people might feel in - or around - his creations.

Listen to Matthew's episode here

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And his latest work is just as exciting as the dresses he sent down the runway in the 1990s and 2000s, a heady mix of Ikats, florals, animal and palm prints. Happily, prices start at £35.

The sprawling playfulness of this floral Paisley is a contemporary take on traditional Persian and Indian motif characterised by curving, embellished almond-shapes. Paisley features a large-scale variety of the time-honoured fabric design, forgoing the traditional intricate pattern repeat for a closer, more contemporary look at the details for which the design is known.

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The perennial, feel-good fronds of palm trees tangle amongst the pleats of this highly contemporary fabric design. The graphic, stylised depiction of the exotic foliage is contrasted by its organic, untamed composition of overlapping branches and leaves, transporting you to sunny climes.

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Matthew says: "All of my rooms at home are filled with interesting lights, and I use them to create little pockets of warmth to give a sense of intrigue to every corner. It is the beauty of excellent lighting itself that inspired me to create the collection with Pooky. The combination of pattern, colour and lighting can bring sheer joy to any space in which the shades can be found."

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Matthew adds: "Because beautiful lighting is such an influential element of my interiors, I wanted to work with a brand that shares my aesthetic values. My decision to work with Pooky stems from a long-standing admiration of the brand’s artful steer on eclecticism and quality craftsmanship. I have used Pooky’s lighting for years in my interior design projects, celebrating home lighting from real leaders in the field. From our initial meetings, it became clear that my skills in fabric and interior design had inescapable synergy with Pooky’s vision. Bringing the quintessential Matthew Williamson look to the classic Pooky shades was a pleasure, allowing both parties to play on their strengths to arrive at this diverse collection."

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Shop the range of Matthew Williamson x Pooky here

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