Livingetc Style Awards 2023 - the full list of winners, who our editors have judged as the best in modern design

Our judges have viewed hundreds of products to pick the ones they know are the very best for your home right now

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The Livingetc Style Awards 2023 is a celebration in the best and most beautiful products, the ones that instantly elevate or improve your home decor. Whittled down from hundreds of entries, our panel of expert judges - who also happen to be the senior editorial team at Livingetc - has chosen a selection of incredible winners, your guide to the best of what to buy right now.

Good design is all around us, if we look hard enough. It’s in the sofa that gently hugs you after a long day at work, the wood dining table that only gets better with age, and even the linen sheets that manage to keep you warm in the winter and cool come summer. And yet, in a world of so much, well, stuff, it can be tricky to separate the truly good pieces from the rest. That’s why the Livingetc Style Awards are one of the highlights of our year – they’re a chance to review all of the exciting new pieces and brandsand celebrate the creativity that makes the world of interiors so inspiring.

Meet the judges

This year, our panel was made up of Livingetc’s senior editorial team. Global brand director Sarah Spiteri, Global editor in chief Pip Rich, deputy editor (digital) Hugh Metcalf and deputy editor (print) Ellen Finch sifted through all the many, many entries. They had a long list of criteria to refer to when judging. Everything from material choice and price point to durability gets considered, so it’s not just about the way things look – though that’s pretty important, too. 

We really believe that the pieces and names chosen this year reflect the way we want to live – comfortably, smartly, and surrounded by colour, texture and inspiration. So without further ado, read on to find out more about our winners.

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The winners are announced

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