Cyber Monday TV deals LIVE: the lowest prices and best places to buy our favorite brands

We're hunting down the very best Cyber Monday TV deals as they happen on Samsung, Sony, LG, and more

Black Friday may be over, but there are so many incredible Cyber Monday TV deals still around that we've decided to continue live streaming them to keep you up to date with news and offers as we find them today.

We've been testing and reviewing the most popular TV models and best TV brands all year, so we know which deals are worth going for and which ones are such a steal that they really shouldn't be missed. And let's face it, not all deals are worth it, so we won't be putting any of those on here.

If you're looking to save cash on gifts for Christmas and the holiday season or just want a better price on something you've had your eye on, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales period is an amazing time to save cash on those luxury items as well as the essentials.

As said, we will be collecting the very best Cyber Monday TV deals from around the web and putting them right here, saving you time and energy scouring the retailer sites yourself. Expect not just slashed prices on older models but also bargains on newer 2022 models to get your lounge bang up to date.

Cyber Monday TV deals: best places to shop

The 10 best Cyber Monday TV deals RIGHT NOW


LG 42 Flex 4K OLED Smart TV deal

(Image credit: LG)

Still going strong and, no, you haven't traveled to the future - flexible TVs are now a thing that you can get for your home, and this 42-inch 4K TV from LG is proof. Basically, the 'flex' of the title refers to its ability to be curved or flat, depending on your preference or what you're watching. This is recommended mostly for gamers, but in-build smarts and more make it a good choice for anyone. And it's $500 less at Best Buy!

LG 83 G2 OLED evo 4K webOS TV deal

(Image credit: LG)

Samsung's Frame and Serif TVs aren't the only game in town for those who want a TV that will look great even when it's off - the LG G2 4K TV with Gallery Design will sit as flush to the wall as a piece of art or photo frame. This 83-inch model is predictably pricey, but if you buy before Cyber Monday ends, you can save a whopping $1,700 at Best Buy or £800 at Currys in the UK.

Samsung 85 Q60B 4K QLED Smart TV deal

(Image credit: Samsung)

Next up, we have this 85" 4K QLED TV from Samsung for just $1,598 at Walmart or £1,699 at Currys. I don't think we need to tell you that this is an extremely low price for a set this large, with 4K resolution and upscaling, built-in voice assistants, and Samsung's Q-Symphony tech for pairing a TV and soundbar super-easily.

Hisense L9G Laser TV Triple-Laser Ultra Short Throw Projector

(Image credit: Hisense)

Something a little different for those who want a seriously big screen (who wants to deal with the sticky floors and nacho cheese scent of movie theaters these days?), laser TVs and short-throw projectors have come a long way and are now considered a genuine alternative to traditional televisions. You can learn more in our guide to whether a projector can replace your TV.

Samsung 65" QN90B Neo QLED 4K Tizen TV deal

(Image credit: Samsung)

Grab a deal on the 65-inch Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV, which is currently just $1,600 at Best Buy or £1,399 at Currys. The 4K set was priced at $2,000 and £1,799, respectively, meaning you will save a brilliant $400/£400 if you act quickly. With a 120Hz refresh rate and Tizen TV on board, it's a great pick for gamers and streamers alike.

Samsung 85 QN800B 8K QLED Mini LED TV deal

(Image credit: Samsung)

If you care about having the very best tech in your home, then you should look no further than the Samsung 85" QN800B 8K QLED Mini LED TV. The set promises to deliver amazing 8K visuals (and upscale lower resolutions) with a Mini LED panel. It's not cheap, but you can save this Cyber Monday.

GLO garden TV set up

(Image credit: GLO garden TV set up)

It may not be the weather for it where you are right now, but the best outdoor TVs can make those warmer months so much more fun. You can watch the big game on the patio, enjoy movie nights with the kids out in the yard, or just have the tunes on during your yearly cookout with friends.

We spoke to Greg Howarth from GLO about the benefits of outdoor TVs. He shared his tips for planning and executing the perfect backyard entertainment area, including viewing positions and avoiding screen glare. Read our guide to garden TVs for his wise words.

LG 86" UQ75 4K TV black friday deal

(Image credit: LG)

You might think that a big-screen TV like this 86-inch 4K LED TV from LG might fall well outside of your budget, but you can supersize your home entertainment system for less than $1,000 if you act quickly. We don't know how long this deal will last.

The TV isn't lacking in high-end specs or smarts, either, and works with existing Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit smart speakers in your home. The 4K resolution not only delivers native content in all its splendor but also upscales older HD shows and movies to look better.

LG C2 deal

(Image credit: LG)

Alert! We've just picked up this flash sale from Walmart, and with over $2,000 off, it's a huge discount on this LG TV that takes it into a completely different budget range. While $1,599 isn't going to go down as a cheap TV, this is a great chance to get a top-spec model for far less than its listing price. 

LG C1 85 inch TV mounted to wall in cream lounge

(Image credit: LG)

The best 85 inch TVs have been in high demand this Black Friday and Cyber Monday - you all sure have either big living rooms or a big addiction to action movies you want to see on the wide screen. Or maybe nature shows so you can get close up? 

Anyway, a bit of advice - not all 85-inch TVs are actually the same size. Yep. Mind-blowing. This is due to a few factors, including the thickness of the bezel. Because you will either mount it or place it on a particular surface, you should ensure you have the correct measurements before moving forward.

For a general idea of dimensions, the choices on this list range from 41.8-43.5in high, 72.9-75.8in wide, and 0.6-3.3in deep without considering the stand. If weight is important, you should also ensure your chosen set meets your particular needs.

Samsung The Frame deal

(Image credit: Samsung)

We love this TV so much - it looks like a work of art (and that's even when you don't have it tuned to the Mona Lisa). Smart enough to seem as if it's part of your gallery wall, it's the ultimate TV for those who don't want their entertainment to ruin their home's aesthetic value. The 50" Samsung Frame TV has a customizable bezel and anti-reflection matte display to mimic a picture frame when it's not in use.

Samsung 85" Class QN95B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

A massive saving on a TV that is guaranteed to boost anyone's home cinema set-up, the 65" QN95B from Samsung is $800 cheaper at Best Buy and £1,100 at John Lewis in the UK right now. That's a huge discount, meaning you can pick up the 4K Neo QLED TV for just $2,200 / £1,799.

LG 77" C1 Smart 4K OLED TV

(Image credit: LG)

We're particularly on the hunt for deals on OLED TVs this Cyber Monday. As our tech expert Alan Martin said in his piece Is an OLED TV worth it? from an aesthetic point of view, they definitely are.

'Because they don’t need a backlight panel, OLED screens are about as thin as you can get,' Alan said. 'Scarily thin when you’re pulling your brand new panel out of the box for its initial setup, in fact — but worth it when it’s in place, looking all stylish.'

Hisense 75" U800GR 8K ULED Roku TV

(Image credit: Hisense)

A way to get next-gen, cutting-edge 8K resolution in your home for less, the Hisense 75" U800GR Roku TV is on offer at Best Buy today for $400 less. The TV is fantastic if you value image clarity and depth, and it also sounds great with Dolby Atmos support.


(Image credit: Sony)

An 8K TV option from Sony, the Z9J model can deliver crystal clear 8K images and uses AI to upscale HD and 4K images to look better than ever. It's predictably expensive, but Best Buy currently has the set on sale for $3,000 - saving you $1,000 for a limited time.