IKEA's newest collection might be the coziest yet – and it's filled with brilliant fall decor

The Höstkväll collection (translating to 'autumn evening') is all about easing a smooth transition into fall

A chair with a black and orange cushion on it with a leaf pattern
(Image credit: IKEA)

There's nothing like a touch of traditional fall comfort to make you feel warm and cozy, and it's something the Scandinavians do best. A hygge home is all about instilling a feeling of calm and comfort through our designs, and now that hunkering down season is here, there's nothing more important than building a home that feeds our soul over these long winter months. 

Anytime we're concerned with a type of Scandi ethos, we of course turn to our friends at IKEA. The Swedish homeware brand is a master of cozy vibes, and they've just added some new items to their limited HÖSTKVÄLL collection which are perfect for injecting some traditional fall decor into your home. 'Höstkväll' literally translates to 'autumn evening' in Swedish, and IKEA's range is all about easing a smooth transition from summer to winter and embracing the beauty of the season. Here are the new pieces we're loving. 

Leaf-patterned prints

A kitchen with leaf patterned tea towels hanging up

(Image credit: IKEA)

Nothing says fall like the beautiful gradient of colors on the trees. From deep purples and reds through to crisp yellows, these shades are synonymous with the season, and the soft textiles that have been added to the HÖSTKVÄLL collection make it easy to introduce these hues into your home. 

A wonderful leaf patterned print by designer Jóna Berglind Stefánsdóttir has been used across various new additions. We love the beautiful shades in the cotton cushion cover to set a relaxing fall ambiance in a cozy living room. The same print has been used across various kitchen accessories to, from dish towels to placemats. We think they'd make a great addition to your Thanksgiving tablescape later this month. 

Cozy cotton

You might associate cotton with keeping you cool on balmy summer evenings, but this versatile material is great at keeping you warm as well. We love this cotton throw in its beautiful deep orange hue, complete with delicate tassels. The rich auburn shade is the perfect way to add some seasonal color to your space and the super soft material will add texture too, helping you to layer a living room or bedroom. 

Fall scents 

Candle in copper vessel

(Image credit: IKEA)

Bringing fall into your home isn't about looks alone. The most comforting interiors this season smell amazing, too. We reckon this new candle from IKEA is one of the best candle scents for fall. Its aroma is a balanced and crisp scent of cinnamon and sugar, promising to fill your home with a hint of nostalgia. The metal copper-toned cup also brings a glimmer of fall to your home and promises to beautifully cast the gentle flicker of the flame within around your space. 

If you're looking to add some traditional fall comfort to your home now that Halloween is out of the way, you can't go far wrong with these wonderful new additions at IKEA. For seasonal Thanksgiving decor, these items are just the ticket. 

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