I tried out IKEA’s smart wireless dimmer – it’s the best $10 you'll spend if you want a cozier vibe at home

This smart wireless dimmer kit is exactly what I needed for a more hygge vibe in my home

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Is there anything more frustrating than getting snuggled under your warm toasty sheets at the end of a long day, then realizing you've left the light on just as your eyelids start to droop? No one enjoys heaving themselves out of bed - even at the best of times - but the good news is, it's 2023 which means wireless light switches exist. Better still, IKEA sells one for under $10, and it's even dimmable too. 

As someone who's always forgetting to switch off the lights (much to my housemates' dismay), I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to invest in a wireless switch for my smart home, but am I glad that I did. Controlling the lighting in my bedroom from anywhere in my home (bed included) has not only saved my legs, but helped me save money on my energy bill, too. As if things couldn't get any better, as a personal fan of the hygge vibe, the fact that it's a dimmer is the icing on the cake. Here, I explain why IKEA's TRÅDFRID smart wireless dimmer kit is the shortcut to a cozier home that you need in your life. 

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Lilith is an expert at following news and trends across the world of interior design. She's committed to sharing articles that help readers find the best budget buys and hacks that make your home as comfortable as it can be. For this piece, she takes a look at IKEA's wireless dimmer, the shortcut to a cozy home

How does IKEA's smart dimmer work?

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There's no denying the power that lighting has in controlling the mood of a room. For a cozier, more relaxed ambiance in your spaces, IKEA's TRÅDFRID dimmer kit is a must. Already pre-paired, all you have to do is screw the light source into the lamp socket and then start using your smart lighting, which can easily be dimmed for a hygge vibe in the evenings. 

You can use the wireless dimmer to control up to 10 smart light sources in the home, and IKEA's LED light bulbs also come in a range of different color temperatures that make the light feel more or less warm depending on your preferences. 

Not only is it the best way to make a living room feel cozy, but dimmable lighting can also have profound effects on our well-being while also helping to promote better sleep. It's the reason that we instantly feel calmer and more at ease when surrounded by a soft warm glow as opposed to a harsh, bright light. 

'The ability to control one’s lighting levels has been shown to directly impact a person’s sense of comfort,' says Doreen Le May Madden, President and Certified Lighting Architect at Lux Lighting Design. 'Lighting impacts us, both physiologically and psychologically. When control of your light levels is provided, it creates an added sense of luxury and comfort in the home.'

With a dimmer, you don't have to depend on multiple lighting sources such as side lighting and table lamps just to set a cozy scene, either. Instead, one light bulb does it all. 'Wireless dimming is a great way to provide this added benefit since it requires no electrical installation,' says Doreen. 

Are smart dimmers a good investment?

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For $10, you can't go wrong with IKEA's offering, but there's a catch. The TRÅDFRI is only compatible with IKEA bulbs, meaning you'll have to kit out any lamps you want to dim from IKEA and IKEA alone. 

However, it's probably not a much bigger investment than any other smart dimmer, as you will have to make sure the LED light bulbs you're using are dimmable anyway. 'If you try to dim a non-dimmable LED, it will flash like a strobe light,' warns Eric Blank, founder of smart home blog, The Smart Cave. A rave is the last thing we want this lighting device to offer, so take time to choose the right bulb (IKEA's TRÅDFRI warm white globe is a safe choice). 

If cozy spaces with a cocooning feel are your vibe, the TRÅDFRI dimmer kit should be top of your wishlist. Who says hygge hibernation can't continue into spring, anyway?

Lutron Caséta wireless dimmer with wall plate, Amazon
Best alternative

Lutron Caséta wireless dimmer with wall plate, Amazon

'The best smart dimmer switch I have found is the Lutron Caseta dimmer,' says smart home expert Eric Blank. 'It will dim an LED bulb down to almost nothing without causing any strobe effect. Plus, the Lutron Caseta switches in general are extremely reliable and well built.'

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