Five cool ways to style the IKEA RUDSTA – the cabinet taking Instagram by storm

It’s not hard to see the appeal behind this chic cabinet – designers share how you should style yours

IKEA RUDSTA cabinet tips
(Image credit: IKEA)

Instagram has seen interior trends come and go, but we have a feeling these cabinets are here to stay. There’s a lot to love about the latest craze from everybody’s favorite home decor powerhouse, from its stylish shape to its versatility. Therefore, it’s not surprising that searches for the RUDSTA have recently accelerated by 2,011 percent. 

The power of these Scandinavian shelves shows no signs of wavering, but while buying the cabinet is easy, styling them is harder. So, if you’re looking to pick up a RUDSTA (we wouldn’t blame you) we’ve compiled a list of five ways to style your cabinet – with tips from some of our favorite designers and the people who have tried and tested it for themselves.  

IKEA RUDSTA cabinet tips

(Image credit: IKEA)

1. RUDSTA as a home bar 

While Tara Benet notes that the cabinet is the perfect ‘piece for showcasing items in a clean, minimalist fashion,’ the New York-based designer proposes a solution we simply can’t refuse: A home bar.   

‘The thin metal casing and clear glass doors are a great backdrop for your bar items and liquor,’ says Tara. For anybody looking for home bar inspiration, learn from @houseof1980, who styled her black-painted RUDSTA into a chic home bar by adding martini and wine glasses.

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IKEA RUDSTA cabinet tips

(Image credit: Hatice Özcoban / @houseof1980)

While we’re self-proclaimed lovers of a statement gallery wall, we shouldn't have to limit the fun everywhere else, especially when images look so good on this cabinet. 

Tara expands: ‘The cabinet also works great as a place to highlight framed photos or if you happen to collect interesting items, like vintage cameras. Here is where you will want to place them. Feel free to mix and match different types of items as long as they are well placed.’

IKEA RUDSTA cabinet tips

(Image credit: IKEA)

3. RUDSTA as a fashion statement 

The elegant allure of a boutique shoe store can be recreated with a $119 cabinet. Yes, really. 

I would use the IKEA Rudsta cabinet to store & display my most prized pairs of shoes,’ announces Los Angeles designer Faith Blakeney. She continues, emphasizing how the RUDSTA allows her to combine her two passions for interiors and fashion into one project. 

‘I have a large shoe collection, and while many are stashed in a closet, some are just too good looking to be hidden. The cabinet is a perfect size and looks to stash & highlight my favorite footwear,’ Faith adds. 

4. RUDSTA as an indoor greenhouse 

It is easy to see why indoor greenhouses are taking over Instagram, and when they are combined with the cabinet, the trend is somewhat unstoppable.

IKEA RUDSTA cabinet tips

(Image credit: Alina Khan / @thecityjungleplants)

There are no rules to creating an indoor greenhouse, apart from maybe one. Start with a RUDSTA cabinet. With its timeless glass door and organized shelving, the RUDSTA radiates the elements of peace and harmony, which contributes to the therapeutic jungle we all want in our homes at present. Among the most inspiring of these RUDSTA greenhouses is Alina Khan, one-half of @thecityjungleplants, who shared their stylized cabinet on Instagram.

‘Recently, my plant collection has grown tremendously, and I’ve been wanting a beautiful way to showcase my growing collection while also adding a modern touch,’ Alina shared in the discussion of her creative process. 

‘My plants are a zen escape for me, so adding the trailing plants and Buddha planter added to the aesthetic I wanted. I am always changing up the display, and I love to update the design to match my current mood and style,’ she adds. 

5. A RUDSTA for everything

IKEA RUDSTA cabinet tips

(Image credit: Nora Huston / @dearjohnlovenora)

While we’re tempted by all these uses, we equally encourage using the cabinets a free space to stylishly house anything you want. It can be half bar and half greenhouse, or you can use it as a library or a home for your glasses or chinaware. Whatever you have, it’s going to look good in a RUDSTA. Take inspiration from Nora Huston and John Griffin, who shared their style on @dearjohnlovenora

‘This cabinet was easy to style, as the black back and the glass sides and front are a blank canvas for anything from collectibles to a mini-bar. We then mixed different glassware with some neutral tones to mold it to our space and love how it turned out,’  

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This cabinet gives us the excuse to buy new shoes, more houseplants, and create a home bar? We simply can't thank IKEA enough. 

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